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    The children will always learn from their elders

    These days we hear many times that when we are children we were not like the children of these time. These days children are not hearing the words of the elders. This has become very common. But if you think properly the elders may be responsible for the behaviour of the children.
    When we were young our parents were spending some time and they were teaching us which is good and which is bad. Many stories regarding the facts of life were being told those days. So we all learned those traits. But these days how many parents are devoting time for spending with them. We are all busy in our earning programmes and the children will be left to their fate. Grandparents are not staying with the family.
    We are all busy spending our time on our cell phone whenever we have some time and we will give a phone to the child also so that there will not be any disturbance to us. The children are learning these things from the parents only. I like to know the opinions of other members on this.
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    It's absolutely correct. Children always follow the adults to learn. Actually, the process of learning is like that. We see others do things in a certain way and we follow that. We include our ideas in that to make it even better.

    There is a tendency among many to blame the child for everything. Children are always quick learners and they copy what adults are doing. The author has rightly pointed out that parents give mobile devices to their child thinking that it will stop the usual childish disturbances. But later, these parents find it tough to stop the mobile addiction. The child should get the right atmosphere to grow up as a human being, but we see that they are growing up in an environment to become machines.

    The children nowadays are handling many devices since childhood and becoming too dependent on them. The children require a human touch and nurture while growing up and parents must be careful to provide them with the much needed human support and interaction so that they can grow up as a wonderful human being.


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    The conscious or subconscious behaviour of the children is the image of their parents as they acquire many traits from them unknowingly. So we should not be surprised by their strange and adamant ways!

    The children are of tender age and their mental faculties are not well developed to analyse and assess their actions before hand. This is the main difference between the adults and them.

    In past also children were like that. Some of them obeyed their parents while others ignored till they were cajoled to obey. So basic nature of children is like that only. If you offer them chocolate they will run to you but if you ask them to do some work they will leave the scene. At the same time if you play a game or share some fun activity with them, they will not leave you.

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    It is true that children learn the manners and etiquettes from their parents. The role of parents is very important in this matter.

    The mind of child is like a blank slate. It will take whatever you write on that.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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