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    Do you still use wall calendars?

    Today is the 9th day of 2019. All of us know the dates from the different sources at our disposal. Most of us do not look at the calendar to know the date and the Wall Calendar is almost passé. Earlier many organizations used to give calendars and diaries as a New Year gift to its employees and clients. Nowadays many of them stopped printing calendars but diaries are still there. During our childhood, I remember we used to ask our friends during the first week of a New Year about the number of calendars they received. Earlier, the beautifully designed calendars containing various pictures used to decorate the walls of a house. Nowadays, there are people who think that wall calendars are wastage.

    The most interesting part of the big wall calendars is the marking of holidays with bold red fonts. I have seen people marking some dates on the calendar to denote something important. Personally, I prefer a table calendar over a wall calendar mainly because of its compactness. Do you still love to use calendars or prefer the other ways of finding important dates?
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    These days usage of wall calendars has come down. Earlier people used to have a fancy of having various wall calendars with different photos of Gods and famous personalities. But slowly that trend is changed. Now we are not seeing wall calendars any more. Still, some people are printing calendars and giving but quickly they are getting into the waste paper bins rather than on to walls. Usage of diaries has also come down. But some people are using. Now everybody is having calendars in their mobiles. So there is no necessity.
    In our house, we will have one wall hanging calendar in our house. The speciality of this calendar is that it will give tidhi, star, auspicious times and Rahu Kalam etc. This will be referred by me and by my wife to know those details. instead of referring a Panchangam we refer this in which we will have all the details that are mentioned in the Panchangam.

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    We don't use calendars nowadays except the "Kalnirnay" as my wife use it to see the holy days like Purnima, Amavasya, Ekadashi etc. Also, my organisation still give us a new year calendar in the first week of every year having pictures of Gods and Goddesses printed on them.

    Yes, I rarely see people using calendars. It looks as if they have become obsolete nowadays. Most of the people use their mobile phones to check the date and save any important activity there itself. Yes in childhood I also had a craze of collecting calendars and dairies which I used to get from people. I remember I even used to keep the new dairies of my father he used to get on the new year from his clients.


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    A wall calendar is like a clock we have at home. While the clock shows the time, the wall calendar shows the date/day of the month. We can compare a wristwatch with a table calendar. Many firms, industries, organizations and shops make use of the wall calendar for publicity. There are few useful wall calendars that give various information for easy reference viz. the auspicious time and inauspicious time, the English date and the other regional dates, the star of the day etc.

    I still wish to have a wall calendar at my home with a good photograph. In this year, I have been presented with 5 wall calendars. They have been placed in all the rooms of my house except the bathroom.

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    I am used to wall calendars. It is hung on the wall of the drawing room. Actually my wife also make use of it regularly for knowing the birthdays (the birth star) of relatives, and the dates of marriages and other functions. Also important matters are noted in the respective date columns as a reference.
    We get the printed wall calender from the news paper people. It is their advertisement also. Certain news paper people give it free, while others charge extra.


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    In our home, we still use both wall calendar and table calendar. Fortunately, every year I get calendars printed by the Publicity Division of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. These calendars are of very high quality and informative. The calendars of the PSUs are of high standard and quality.
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    Yes, I still use wall calendars. My relatives whoever doing business, still have the habit of distributing their company calendars and diaries. Though we have gadgets to show us dates, these calendars are good at providing information on Government holidays, religious holidays, interesting quotes, auspicious days etc. Like it differentiate holidays and working days, the big calendar also has Tamil calendar dates corresponding to its English calendar dates, which is very useful to me to follow the Tamil months. However, I agree to the author that the recent calendars are no more used as decorative wall hangings. But still they serve its purpose.
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    People are still using calender as a decoration piece on the wall. It's utility has nosedived as everyone has a mobile in hand to see the dates and days etc.

    Earlier getting calenders from the shopkeepers and offices was an important activity during the month of January. I remember even making one ourselves by cutting the old month dates without their month heading and adjusting under some month of the new year. It was a nice fun activity.

    Some of the calenders we got were having very good paintings or landscapes and we sometimes got them framed for hanging for a longer time.

    Because of habit I am still using the wall calender as I am able to see the complete present month as one view as well as holidays on it so that I can avoid going to banks etc on those days.

    Now we are not getting calenders from the shopkeepers but yes, some banks are religiously giving to us.

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    The wall calender is still a useful item in our house. I keep one in my kitchen which is very handy to make short notes and remarks and mentioning near the date things like change of gas cylinder, absence of milkman, absence of maid, clothes coming from ironing etc.

    I am not finding it's use in other places in the house.

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    I believe calendars are very important but do not love to have too many calendars in my house. We have gadgets at present, but the aged people at home are not gadget savvy, so they prefer to have at least one calendar in the house. I prefer table calendar with dates in bold print.
    In my home one wall calendar is a must which hangs on the wall near to the dining table. It helps to decide a programme according to the convenience of all the members of the family.


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