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    From where does the money come?

    Tamilnadu government is distributing Rs. 1000/- as Pongal gift to all the Ration card holders of Tamilnadu. It is a huge amount. While JJ was in power, she distributed only Rs. 100/- as Pongal gift. Now it is ten times greater. Does it mean EPS is ten times greater than JJ? From where does the money come for such a lavish gift? Whose money is this?

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    These are all tricks to come back to power by the ruling parties. In Andhra Pradesh, the government is giving fee bag with some food items to be used during the festival as Chandranna Kanuka. In Telangana also there was something in a similar way. The money will come from the tax paying people. They will get extra money by increasing the tax levels on various items. Very unfortunately Indian public is never recognising the fact that these politicians are fooling us. Our money only, these politicians are giving back to us. I feel this is all wastage of money. The money distributed will be 50% of the total expenditure and the remaining 50% will be swallowed by the political leaders in power at various levels starting from Village Surpunch to Chief Minister. We have to work hard and earn money. We have to pay taxes and the political leaders will get huge money without doing anything.
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    This is public money which they are distributing to the people. No political party is so kind as to distribute money from their funds. This is their trick to get votes from the people. Politicians are very clever they don't spend a penny for us they spend our money on charity.

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    What I feel is this. During the election period, the party, especially the ruling party, distributes cash to lure the voters, illegally. This activity is always opposed by the opposition parties. Election commission carefully watches this distribution. The party concerned fears and distributes the cash to the voters secretly.

    Whereas, now, the same is distributed in advance, to all the voters irrespective of any party followers officially through the Public Distribution System. No one can object to this legal distribution of government fund. The party leaders enjoy this means and method of distribution as their pockets are not affected.

    I still wonder as to how such a huge sum is spared by the government. To distribute rupees 1000 each to one crore ration card holders requires rupees 1000 crores. Does it mean the Tamilnadu government has excess cash in their government treasury?

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    State Govt has its own revenue generation from various taxes and municipal earnings. They get a lot of funds from the central Govt and also their share from the IGST which is collected by the central Govt. They are flush with revenue and to that account there is no problem.

    Problem is the appeasement policy to make people happy by some clever tricks to remain in power. The Govt could give this money in lieu of some cleanliness drive or volunteer programs so that people have felt its importance in their life. Now some of the recipients will simply go to the liquor shop and waste this money.

    This type of free distribution is in a bad taste as it will make people habitual of expecting same thing from the next Govt also.

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    In West Bengal, the terrible State Government started giving monthly allowances to the muezzins and imams to appease the minority community. When there were hue and cry, the Government started giving annual grant to the local clubs all over Bengal ostensibly for the Puja (but the critics say to enable the local goondas to drink at the time of Puja). These sops are nothing but hiding the failure to develop the state(s) in a planned manner. This is nothing but wastage of public money.
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