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    Sharing the forum threads

    Suppose I want to share the forum write-up on Fb and on other social media sites, do I have the permission for the same? I have no idea about it that's why asking from the forum members. Hope to learn from you and accordingly I can act upon it.
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    You can share the link of forum link (URL) like articles, but not copy the content and post it to any social media. Suitable content can be posted to make your friends click and read the content. your friends can be directed to the link without signing up to ISC, but only after becoming the member, they can comment in ISC forum.
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    We can share any page of interest here to anyone by sending the link of the page to him so that when he clicks the link he reaches here and is able to read the contents.

    As already explained above he has to become a member if he wants to participate in that by commenting.

    In article section there is a facility for the guests to comment. So if you send a link of your or any article to others, they can submit their comment there without becoming the member.

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    I would like to know the answer. Can I share my Forum posts on Facebook or on Quora?
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    Links to any section/page of ISC can be shared on social media and other sites where it is permitted. Certain sites may not allow the sharing if they consider it as spam so you must take care to adhere to the rules of those sites. The earlier template did have the social media buttons in the forum to share threads, but these were subsequently removed when the new template was installed. I will inquire with the Webmasters whether these buttons could be restored for quick sharing to social media platforms.
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    This would really be a good step in context to the sharing of information on other social media platforms which in otherwise cases seems to the tedious jobs when we have to do many a times with each updates to the thread or to some other parts of a section as the case may be.

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    Thank you all for your response.
    It helped me to understand that ISC allows to share our writings. Now, I can share the write-ups.


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    Please note that the permission is limited to sharing only the link to the ISC content provided the other sites allows the same.
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