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    What is your opinion about Kite festival?

    Yesterday, Wednesday, the Kite festival was held in Surat city of Gujarat. It is an International Kite Festival. Many colourful different varieties of kites were flown.

    What is your good/bad opinion about kite flying and the kite festival? Have you ever flown a kite designed by you in your life? Kindly share your kite flying experience.

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    My childhood days were spent in Andhra Pradesh where the tradition of flying kites for a festival was not there. But occasionally when we feel like enjoying the kite flying we used to make kites with newspapers in our house and used to play. As our living place was a village there was no big traffic those days on those days. Even two-wheelers were also not there. Only normal cycles were there. So we used to play on the streets without any problem. Those days the majority of houses in our village are tiled houses only. So there was no chance to go to housetop and fly the kites.
    Later on, I moved to Hyderabad and in this place flying Kites at the time of Pongal festival is a practice. My sons used to purchase kites and play with those kites.
    Personally, I feel it is dangerous to fly kites especially from the rooftops where the dangers of electric shocks and falling down are very high.

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    When I was in Gujarat I have seen this festival and found that it really a good fun activity. People go up to their terraces or open fields and air the kites. Specially prepared eating dishes like Jalebi etc are also consumed on the day.

    There are some downsides also like injury to birds by the thread of the kite.

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    In Delhi, kite flying is very common on Independence Day. The sky becomes colourful on this day because of the kites.

    I never like flying a kite but my all friends used to. It has a disadvantage as on roads accident occurs as kids run on the road to catch kites. Also, my accidents occur because of falling of kids from the roofs.


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    In Bengal, kite-flying can be seen on the Puja Day of Lord Bishwakarma (the God of Engineers).
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    The purpose of festivals is generally to celebrate and kite festival is one of such amusing and entertaining one.

    It is very popular in some of the states and the workers make all sort of kites and their special thread well before the festival to earn some money for their livelihood. On the particular day the whole sky is dotted with the kites of various colours and the enthusiastic people cut each other's kite with their kite manoeuvering techniques and count their score by the end of evening. Some children enjoy in collecting those kites simply by running after them on the ground and following them in order to catch when they land.

    There are some accidents also which are generally associated with the children running on the terraces or blindly following the cut kites or the kite thread injuring the passers by on the roads and birds flying in the sky.

    The animal welfare agencies appeal to people not to use the sharpened thread for kite flying which is very fatal for the birds once they are trapped in it. In the excitement and euphoria of kite flying people do not listen to them.

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