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    These two birthday wishes made me to post Apophenia-II

    I have wished two birthdays recently one on 24th December and another on today 10th January and these two wishes again kindle me with Apophenia which may be part 2 of it so that more members may try on this.

    While wishing on 24th December, I really thought it as a table date as it is 24/12/18 which is 6 x 4, 6 x 2 and 6 x 3 and then thought of similar dates which may be termed as table dates. Since these kinds of fun related to mathematics generally, motivate children to learn mathematics in a fun way. Hence the table with less than 10 numbers may be arrived at with dates such as 8/10/12 which is 2 x 4, 2 x 5 and 2 x 6 and similarly 10/15/20 in future maybe 5 x 2, 5 x 3 and 5 x 4.

    What is special in 10th January, the DOB of the baby I have wished is 10/1/2011 which is a palindrome date in the format MMDDY, which is 11011 and also in DMMYY format 1102011 is also a palindrome date.

    When I browsed through palindrome dates yesterday on 9119 which is again palindrome in DDMMYY format I got one interesting factor about palindrome birthday which said, when our birthday is written as palindrome then that year birthday is palindrome birthday which most of us may not be able to celebrate but there are some rare people who celebrate this birthday. When I thought of the palindrome birthday of this 110 by writing it as 110011 which is again the same year that baby has born i.e. year 11.

    People may come with their palindrome birthday and we can see whether we may able to celebrate that birthday in our lifetime. Members may think any other Apophenia for fun to add flavour to this thread.
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    My birth date is 3rd January. if you write for my birthday in the year 2013 in DMYY format my birthday will be 3113 which is a palindrome birthday which I have already celebrated on 3rd January of 2013. But it can't be a palindrome number if we write in any other format.
    MMDDYY for 10/01/2011 will be 100111, but not 11011. Is it a palindrome number? As far as I know, palindrome numbers are numbers which will be same from both the sides. 10th January 2011 is written in DMYY format 10111 also it is not a palindrome number. MMDDYYYY format for this date is 10012011. Again I feel it is not palindrome number. I am a little bit confused. Am I wrong? I request the author to clarify. If the birthday is on 20th February, the birthday will be 20022002 in the MMDDYYYY format in the year 2002. It is a palindrome birthday. If it is written in MMDDYY format 022002, again it is not a palindrome number,
    MMDDYYYY should contain 8 numbers, but 1102011 is having only 7 numbers. Something is missing.

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    Dr, Rao: "MMDDYYYY should contain 8 numbers, but 1102011 is having only 7 numbers."-Nothing is missing. A zero has been wrongly added.
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    If the date format is dd/mm/yy then we have to consider the zero also as a part of date. So it brings in the question as what to do of the first zero in the date. What will happen to 02/11/20 (2nd Nov 2011). It is a palindrome (021120) with a preceding zero.

    What about the in between zeros whether they are to be counted or ignored.

    For example date like 10/11/01 (10th Nov 2001) is palindromic even if you ignore the in between zeros.

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