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    Banning a cricketer for inappropriate comments

    You may have been following the news about the inappropriate and crass comments made by Hardik Pandya about girls on a TV show. He apologized later and gave the excuse of making such comments due to the "nature of the show". Really, now! No matter what platform it is and where you are saying it, should one make such comments at all?

    Instead of just reprimanding him and banning non-cricket-related appearances for all the team members, BCCI should ban the cricketer for the rest of the tour Down Under and also for the subsequent tour of New Zealand.
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    I also feel that the people especially the famous and celebrity level ones should be properly punished for their lose comments in public. That will set an example for others not to repeat such things which are of course in a bad taste.

    We talk a lot about respect to the woman but unfortunately the male chauvinism never accepts this and shows its colour time to time. We must nip them in the bud.

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    My view is a little bit different on this issue. First of all, I must say I condemn the comments made by Hardik Pandya. I feel that the comments clearly depict his mindset and maybe his upbringing.

    At the same time, I must say that there are many film stars who had appeared in that particular show are infamous for their flirtations with the opposite sex and for some controversial comments and activities. But their interviews do not cause flutter because they are trained to say appropriate things at the time of interview. On the other hand, untrained rookies Pandya and Rahul got carried away and opened up during the so-called 'big occasion'.

    They are young players with promising future. They must not be banned. It would harm Indian cricket and their future. Instead they must be closely watched in future.

    I feel that the action of BCCI is appropriate because it is their first-time offence.

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    I feel that just because it is a first-time offence it does not mean they should be put off the hook. Nor can we say they are "untrained rookies" for such shows. By giving such lame reasons, one is, in fact, turning a blind eye to unforgivable comments. Nip the issue in the bud, I say, now, right away. It is time to take action when it matters, as soon as the deed is done. One should not wait for it to boomerang later when such an incident is repeated again and then this incident will be put up as an example about how the appropriate action should have been taken at that time itself but wasn't.

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    The actions of these two cricketers should be condemned. Whether knowingly or unknowingly one should not make such comments on girls. If an exemplary action is taken on them, no other player will make such comments when they come to shows like that. Asking all the cricketers not to participate in such shows is ok. But in my opinion that is a general action. Specific action should be taken on these two guys. That action can be decided by the BCCI. But it should teach a lesson to the established cricketers as well as upcoming players. But BCCI is dependent completely on players of today or tomorrow or yesterday. So we have to wait and see what they are going to do.
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    Now this is going to a different level. If Pandya and Rahul are punished instead of being warned, it will create some other problems. Many film stars and politicians will have to be punished.

    Further, earlier also, some other cricketers also participated in this show. Why didn't BCCI take action at that time for their participation?

    Thirdly I would ask the Members to search a little bit on the internet about past activities of many cricketers like Imran Khan, Shane Warne, RJ Shastri, etc. I should not elaborate further. Were they punished?

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    I don't get it that someone is interested & eager to offer someone else the life imprisonment for being bad mouthed to the opposite sex which is not even said intentionally but occasionally or accidentally that just happened although inappropriate.

    Why the offering punishment for banning few of the matches can't be justified here?

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    To err is human. There are words like 'Warning' & 'Admonishment'. These words are to be taken into consideration before awarding a punishment. Since the Cricketer has realized his mistake and sought an apology for his misdeed, he should be warned that repetition of such a mistake would lead to severe punishment like dismissal.

    The rule is: A person should be given three warning. And the fourth attempt should be seriously dealt with severe punishment.

    Jai Hind.

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    I believe as he has apologised for the same so he should be forgiven after giving them a little punishment as the offence is not severe.

    I have seen the show and have seen most of the celebrities who come on the show are so open and talk non-sense sometimes. The show is famous for it.

    But still, the comments made by Pandya is not digestible as celebrates should think 100 times before they speak as whatever they speak is taken very seriously by people.


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    I most humbly and respectfully submit that decision on punishment must be taken rationally. The punishment must be commensurate with the crime/offense. The repercussions or after-effects of punishment must be considered. Punishment must not be given in an emotionally charged manner.
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    It is very correct that the punishment should be commensurate with the intensity of offence. There should not be differentiation between the status of the persons or celebrities while awarding punishment.

    The problem is in our society there is no consistency in punishing a person. Sometimes we ignore blunders while sometimes make small issues as big. This is what is creating ambiguities and paradoxes in our judgements.

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    The author in her subsequent response (#656453) inter-alia stated: "Nip the issue in the bud, I say, now, right away. It is time to take action when it matters, as soon as the deed is done. One should not wait for it to boomerang later when such an incident is repeated again...."

    In this context, let me give an example from ISC itself. In ISC, there is a Member with initials PK. This PK fellow breaks the rules and guidelines again and again. He always raises controversial topics. He never bothers to listen to the sane advice of the Managing Editor or other Lead Editors. He fiercely debates with others on various controversial topics. Some Members have opined that this PK fellow has been vitiating the calm, cool and serene environment of the Forum section of ISC with his 'vile' comments and threads.

    Even then, the ISC administration has not nipped the issue in the bud. PK is given mild punishment and he returns again and again with his stale, vile and controversial topics. In the context of the issue being discussed here, may I ask why PK was not punished severely after his first offence?

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I think we are discussing whether a more stringent action should have been taken against Hardik Pandya for his indecent and crass comments against girls.

    Partha at #656498, I don't understand your comparison in this context. I don't think the PK you are referring to has made any such comments. And unlike a television show that is produced with some purpose and is aired and viewed by millions at a time, ISC has its own set mechanism well placed to see to it that such comments or views, if any, are deleted on time and the erring members instructed to desist from repeating such activities. Prompt action will be taken at the appropriate time by the admin.

    Or is that you are comparing Hardik to PK? That Hardik won't be able to enter the team with a different name is a different question altogether. Whatever it is, whether it is PK, Hardik or whoever else, be rest assured that ISC will ensure that such elements won't be allowed to have a free ground on this site.

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    #656503: I would request the Member to go through the main thread, the author's subsequent response and my previous response slowly to understand the context of my remarks. I have tried to make myself understandable.
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    Understood the wit and the context, both! It seems the cricketers will face a suspension till further action is decided upon, though initially it was reported that they would face only a 2-match ban. Let's hope it is not merely the latter, which will be like just a small rap on the knuckles.

    As for PK - "This PK fellow breaks the rules and guidelines again and again. He always raises controversial topics. He never bothers to listen to the sane advice of the Managing Editor or other Lead Editors." - I am amused at that because PK is holding up a mirror but can't see the reflection, is it? Let's stick to the topic of the cricketers' ban and not meander to the action of the ISC administration. That is their call, what action to take for what digressions.

    [A correction - I mentioned in the main text as "rest of the tour Down Under" - that was a mistake, as the five ODIs and two T20s are to be played against the Australians in India. ]

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    They deserve punishment because the identity of both the players is attached to the name of India. Who is Pandya or KL Rahul without the Indian cricketer's tag? Just nothing so when they were shameless on the show, they maligned India's name. Let them speak whatever they want to but keep them away from representing India.

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