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    Which day you celebrate as the birthday ?

    The question may seem to be absurd. Birthday is definitely the day on which one is born. But the question is whether it is the date on which one is born or the star on which the birth has taken place. There is no question that for all practical and legal purposes the date has to be followed, which is universally accepted. Most of the people do celebrate that day as birth day.
    However, among a certain communities, the annual birthday celebrations are held on the day corresponding to the birth star. In my community the birthday is counted based on the birth star, at the time of birth, appearing in the Malayalam month.
    For example in my case I was born on 24th February. In the calculation based on Malayalam almanac this day is to be taken as the Pooyam (Pushyami) nakshathra of month Kumbha. We celebrate annually this day as birthday. Officially for all purposes the month February and date 24 are being used.
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    When I was a child my grandmother was celebrating our birthday as per the tithi in Hindi Panchang. Now that practice is almost gone into oblivion and we are celebrating it as per the western calendar.

    Our old Panchang system is now limited to observing festivals and fixing auspicious days for our functions.

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    In Andhra Pradesh in our community, we will celebrate the birthday as per the thithi of that month. For example, I born in the month of Margasira Masam on Bahula Sasthi. So I celebrate my birthday on that day as per the Telugu Panchangam. This year that thithi has come on 28th December. So I have celebrated my birthday on that date this year. As per the English calendar, my Date of Birth is 3rd January. All my official records will have that date only.
    These days many people are going by the English Calendar only. I don't know that birthday will be celebrated as per the star of that month. That tradition is not there in Telugu speaking people I think.
    Now in our families, the younger generation started celebrating the birthday on these two days. As per the English calendar, they will be arranging cake cutting and going out for food. As per Telugu calendar specials will be made in the house and will have new clothes.

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    The thread is raised on time as I have a birthday today. I celebrate it on this date not as per the star. My kids were born on 21st October on Ahoi Ashtami but we celebrate their birthday on this date not as per the day. Yes, many of the people celebrate their birthday as per star.

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    It is easy to have the date remembered and celebrated without any problem. But for the star birthday, we need to refer the Panchangam to know the stardate. I strictly follow the date of my birth, never the star of my birth. My birthday comes right after every 365 or 366 days.

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    Dr. Rao and Sanjeev - Belated Happy Birthday to both of you!

    In my family, we do not observe birthdays as per the Stars but as per the specific date of birth.

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    I heard from my father that earlier the birth days were being observed as per the Panchang. That is a different calendar and the dates will differ significantly from the present Gregorian calendar we are using.

    One interesting thing I noted was in the present system we will be celebrating the birth day after a gap of 365 days while in the Panchang system it will be different year to year due to the inherent design of that type of calendar.

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