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    If you control the tongue, you have controlled all the senses

    We all talk to each other and enjoy the company. Talking is a very routine part of our day to day life.

    Sometimes it so happens that we say something and the other person is badly hurt and becomes angry and we lose a friend. We try to apologize but things do not come back to the original form.

    If we analyze we find that it happens due to casual way of talking. It is said that one has to weigh one's tongue before one speaks. It is true. Controlling our tongue is necessary.

    Those who have a control on their tongue reap its benefits.

    What is your opinion on this?
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    The Pandya and Rahul case is an example for this. They are not able to control their tongue and now they are hearing the music. There is a saying in Telugu which means if you don't keep your tongue properly your back will get affected badly. If we drop a coin we can collect it back. But if we drop a word it can't be taken back. Many times it happens. Even though we say sorry after talking something bad, the other person's feelings can't be taken back. So we should not talk without thinking properly. One who has control over the tongue will have definitely better respect than the people who talk more and casually.
    Pandya has said something bad and now he says sorry. But no one is happy with his sorry or remarks.

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    It is true that our enemy is very often our own tongue itself. We see this when the politicians speak in a public gatherings. They create enemies very easily through their speech. When people start reacting they will state it was due to the mistake in reporting. They easily transfer the mistakes to the reporters.

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    The observation of the author is very apt. And this thread reminds me of one of my innumerable shortcomings. I can't control my tongue. My sharp tongue has hurt many and ultimately I suffered. Can I control my tongue? Very difficult for me!
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    It's really important to control our tongue. Talking is always an important aspect and we make and break relations because of the way of our talking. There are persons who speak so nicely that you will immediately feel relaxed after the conversation. At times, people cannot control their anger and say things that hurt others.

    When someone is badly hurt by the wordings, it affects the person psychologically and becomes really difficult to mend ways later. In the professional field, there are punishments for such acts but in social or personal circles the person who cannot control her/his tongue faces serious consequences.


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    It is said that the arrow sent by the bow does not come back and the unpleasant things told can not be undone.

    Still many of us suffer from the impatient use of our tongue and then there is nothing except repenting on it.

    In our society people having control on their tongue are generally considered sober, graceful and prudent.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    A sharp tongue is the appropriate weapon to keep the opposite party mum but in fact, it won't work for long because of its rebounding effect. The party once humiliated with your harsh words will be on the look out of the moments when you can be entrapped in some delicate situation and moreover, he can propagate or manipulate the facts before his circle making his statement spicy and this could ruin rapport considerably. Hence you need to choose a path where you can keep your listener Psycoligically happy.

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    There is statement with reference to a Court's judgement, "comma killed a man". The Court order was, "hang him, not let him go". In this statement the comma was to be put after the word 'not'. Instead it was to be put before the word. Hence the person was hung. That is mentioned in the statement 'comma killed a man'.
    The above story is quoted only to show the importance of use of a word and the positioning of them. In simple communications, we sometimes talk about many things. In between the usages of certain comments some may irritate others. This may lead to the weakening of the friendship between some of them. This is a simple example of friends becoming enemies just because of the misuse of words. These are to show how important is using right words in right time.


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    It is rightly said that people are hurt more by the tongue so we should think before we speak. It happens sometimes we dont think and speak something hurts a person and later on, we realise that we had spoken something which hurt that person and repents afterwards.

    Sometimes we don't come to know that we have spoken something wrong which had hurt a person and that person starts making a distance from us. Things get worse and that distance becomes larger and larger and finally, very late we realise our mistake.

    So to avoid such issue we should always control our tongue and should not speak before weighing our words.


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    It is absolutely true. Control over tongue is very important, and those who are able to get hold of their tongue are the most sensible people in this world. Age is no bar. Everyone irrespective of their age needs to check their tongue. It is not that we lose a friend only for being brutally open but most of the families get fragmented because of hurting words directed towards each other. In the so-called educated class when people do not hesitate to speak rubbish against each other then education seems meaningless. I believe having control over the tongue is a sign of culture and maturity which is essential to have a cordial relationship with one and all.

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