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    Important birthdays that are generally celebrated.

    Generally birthdays are celebrated by everybody, may be in different manners. At the same time importance is given for selected birthdays, among most of the communities. Here in Kerala, the Sixtieth birthday is very often celebrated by most of the people. It is generally known as 'Shashtipoorthy' (completion of sixty years). These are celebrated by the family, inviting relatives and friends. This celebration is generally seen among the Hindu families. There will be some poojas and homas conducted in the home.
    Similarly much importance is given to the 84th birthday. It is given more importance and will be a big function, depending on the capacity of the family and relatives. Even special programmes such as 'Kathakali' or music concert, or such other items for pleasing the visitors. Sometimes, it may be a full day programmes, then two or more programmes will be organised to engage the guests. The feast will, of course, a grand one. There will be lunch, evening party and supper.
    Perhaps, in olden days majority of people die at an age before crossing 60 years, 84 was unthinkable. That must have been the reason for the importance given to these birthdays. The importance for 84th year is it happens to be approximately the hundredth lunar year. The attainment of hundredth solar year was very rare in olden days.
    Of course, now a days the 70th year (Sapthathy) and 90th year(Navathy) celebrations are also there. No doubt the hundredth year, the Centenary (Sathabhishekam) can never be forgotten.
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    60th-year completion, 70th-year completion and 1000 months (84 years) completion are the three milestones generally celebrated in our community in Andhra Pradesh. We have celebrated all these three birthdays for our father. He has completed 86 years and he is staying with my mother in our native place.
    1, 60th Year completion: Three days function. 5 priests will conduct different homamas, japams and poojas. A very lengthy celebration.
    2. 70th Year completion: One day function. 2 priests will conduct the entire programme.
    3. 1000 months completion: It is also known as Sahsra Chandra darshan Santhi. This is a two-day programme with 4 priests performing Homam, Japam and Pooja.
    My father when he was in his 5os was having health problems. But after completing 60 years he had no health problem. Today also he is healthy and able to manage his work on his own.
    We are looking forward to performing his 90th birthday.

    always confident

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