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    These institutions are respected because......

    Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, Higher Judiciary, ISRO. These are various institutions. All these institutions are well-known in India. People have tremendous faith in the three wings of the Armed Forces. Indian citizens respect Supreme Court and High Court judges. ISRO scientists are making us proud by scaling greater heights in every six months or so. They are now being discussed not only in India, but by the entire world because of their successes.

    But why are these institutions respected? Indian Armed Forces are the most well-trained forces. Indian Armed Forces are the most ethical forces of the world. The judges of higher judiciary are very learned and men of integrity. The ISRO scientists and engineers are among the best in the world.

    But there is another reason behind the successes of these Indian institutions. There is no system of reservation in these institutions. Selection and further advancement in the career are entirely based upon merit, unlike other Government offices.
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    Is it true? There are no reservations in ISRO. I know many Scientists in ISRO. I worked with them for more than 10 years. But this matter has not come for discussion. But What I observed in ISRO Scientists is they are very systematic and methodical. They never leave any loose ends before they go for launch. Any small doubt also they will completely study and clarify and then only they will go ahead. This quality is only making them the best in the world. But what the author said may be correct only as he is a government employee and he knows the recruitment procedures in a government organisation.
    I know that there are no reservations in Armed forces. But it is a piece of news to me regarding High court and Supreme court judges.
    Anyhow, I 100% agree that the selections made on 100% merit basis will definitely yield good results and Organisations will flourish.

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    A person performs according to her/his merit. It is applicable everywhere and where the reservation is preferred over merit we notice changes in the performance. For example, if there is a reservation in the India cricket team where it becomes mandatory to represent a certain section of the society, there will be a decline in performance.

    For a particular season, if there is no good player available from that section the selectors have to choose players of inferior quality just for the sake of reservation. We can easily understand what would be the team's performance with players of inferior quality.

    All the institutions mentioned in the thread by the author, work on the merits of their workers and their performance is the key for all successful missions. To uplift a certain section, chances can be given to them to educate them further and to grow them economically but giving jobs to persons who are not capable of doing the jobs is wastage and we cannot expect the optimum performance from them.


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    An excellent observation by the author. Merit is an important parameter for making a diligent and successful team. The educational qualifications and the meritorious students have got something different in them and they are capable of seeing the things much more clearly as compared to their dullard colleagues. If it is not so then what is the use of the merit.

    The reservation system has brought a mix of all types of academic levels in the work place and has created an ambiguity in their functioning as the individual understanding and expectations from a work project start differing significantly.

    So the basic idea of providing financial security to backward castes or underprivileged groups failed miserably when it came to the efficiency and performance in the work place. In doing something politically good to a backward class of the society the system itself became weak in its academic strength.

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    The reservation was conceptualised at the time of our independence when the leaders felt that there are many backward communities which must get some advantage to come up in life otherwise they will remain like that only. Probably at that time it was a prudent thing to do.

    Now today things have changed drastically and there are equal opportunities for all and reservation is at all not needed. Somehow due to political complications things are being stretched too much and in fact they are now emerging as a problem.

    The author has given an eye opener post and it is time to abolish any sort of reservation in our country.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    "The reservation was conceptualised at the time of our independence....."---------------Reservation was actually conceptualised in the Poona Pact signed between Gandhi and Ambedkar on 24th September, 1932. That was the beginning of caste-based reservation in India.

    Gandhi signed this pact with Ambedkar to stop the division of Hindu votes.

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    There are reservations in ISRO and the Judiciary also. The Armed Forces follow a different system of grouping based on caste, region, and religion. Maratha, Rajput, Sikh regiments are an example.
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    The above response is not correct. There is no reservation in the higher level of Judiciary. Here I mentioned only the High Courts and Supreme Court. There is no reservation in ISRO. There is no caste-based reservation in the Armed Forces. During the British period, there was region-based Infantry Regiment only. This is being changed after independence. Nowadays no region-based Infantry Regiment is raised. Even this region-based system does not exist in Artillery, Mechanised Infantry, Armoured Regiments, Signals, AMC, AAC, Navy or Air Force.

    Why don't people try to have minimum knowledge about the Forces?

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    The author may go through the following and understand who is correct. There are four responses to this thread and none of them bothered to check the correctness of the content. They believed the incorrect information furnished.
    1. The higher level of Judiciary: Refer to
    Applications for direct recruitment against 82 vacancies: SC-17, ST-02, OBC-22 and Unreserved-41(reservation for SC/ST/OBC categories will be applicable for the candidates belonging to the State of U.P. only) in the Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service in the pay scale of Rs. 51550-1230-58930-1380-63070 are invited from Advocates of not less than 7 years standing as on 01.01.2015, who must have attained the age of 35 years and must not have attained the age of 45 years as on 01.01.2015.
    2. Go to ISRO web site, careers, choose option" Scientists and Engineers" and search. One will find an advertisement for recruitment of Scientist/Engineer"SC". This clearly indicates that there are reservations in ISRO.
    3. There was a PIL in Supreme Court in 2012, The petition said " the army was recruiting 1.5 million people. Such a major source of employment should not become the pocket prerogative of select communities or castes. Talent or bravery is not the monopoly of the residents of any particular state or community."

    The author may refer the above and respond.

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    "The advertisement clearly says "DIRECT RECRUITMENT TO THE UTTAR PRADESH HIGHER JUDICIAL SERVICE -2014."---------------This is not higher judiciary. Only the Supreme Court and High Court Judges constitute higher judiciary.

    The appointment mentioned by the Member is for District Courts or further lower-level Courts.

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