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    Do you have a regret?

    "That was a wrong decision and I regret it". Many people will say this when the consequence of an important decision gives negative results. This happens in life and not all decisions give us fruitful results. After all, we are not programmable devices, we are living beings and in life, many times we make our decisions depending upon many 'if' and 'but'. For example, parents may say "if you studied well you could have been selected for the course". "But you never listened to us and see your situation now". "This will remain a regret in your life'. That guy loved music very much and ultimately became a musician. Actually, life doesn't work in a particular way. We go through different situations in our daily life and all our decisions are based on those situations.

    The guy who became a musician but couldn't study well, according to his parents, could have become any other normal guy doing a 9-5 job if he wilted under the parental pressure to study hard. He never regretted of neglecting his studies and carried on with his passion. People's mind may change depending on the situation and in our life, there are lots of variables. Looking back at the decisions that gave us undesirable results and repenting is a way of pulling ourselves backwards. To move ahead, we should not have regrets. What has happened cannot be reversible, so, rather than thinking about what remained a regret, remove those ifs and buts.

    There is no point in thinking that this "could have happened if I took that decision at that time". You never know what could have really happened if you took that decision. Therefore, decide things keeping in mind your present situation and move ahead.
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    Commenting critically and in regretful ways on an event once it is over, is a foolish act. It does not signify anything. Anyone can become wiser after the event. I feel we should refrain from making such comments and instead think for the effort for future endeavors.
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    It is always wise to take the decision, implement and leave it there. The results will follow. There is no point in thinking back and regretting the decision taken is of no use. But if the results are not as expected we should analyse the sequence and should understand where we have taken a wrong step. This is not to regret but not to repeat the same mistake again.
    Past is past. It will not come back. Pondering over the past deeds is of no use.
    As per the existing conditions, available resources and within our purview, we will think and act accordingly. We have already taken a decision and implemented. we have to take the result. We don't know what might have happened if our decision is different. It might have given still the worst result. We should think in that way and we should be happy with what happened. I have no regrets on any of my decisions I have taken in my life till today.

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    This is the fact that we should move ahead in life leaving away the past and making our present better. Successful people think about the future they don't think of the past. No doubt we should learn from the past experience but it should not always keep ourself busy in thinking about the past. I have seen many people who don't think like this and always cry from this past. Such people can't do anything good in their life.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Though it is true that there is no point in regretting about something you did or speak earlier and that you should keep moving ahead, I don't think there will be anyone who has no regrets in life. We may not allow such regrets to become hurdles in our path ahead but such incidents or situations will always remain alive in a corner of our mind. It need not be something that had an influence on your life, it can even be a very minor issue.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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