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    When you know there are lots of things pending!

    He came to the office much earlier today. He was on leave and thought of finishing the pending works as early as possible. He usually carries his lunch, but he couldn't bring the lunch today because he was in a hurry. Going to the office much earlier when lots of things are pending is more important to him than carrying the lunch pack. Today, he can have his lunch at the canteen also.

    Actually, this is a pretty normal phenomenon and at times we had to forgo things keeping in mind the present situation. He went straight to his room and logged on to the system. When you are handling an important portfolio, it is well understood that the mailbox will be flooded with e-mails. He had to check every e-mail and respond to them accordingly. By this time, he noticed that there are a lot of files on his table kept for his perusal. Compared to the e-mails, the number of files is much lesser so he started to examine the files one by one. He needs to check every page of the file to maintain the continuity and if required, he needs to add one more page to the file with his feedback.

    Well, the above-mentioned incident can be a normal practice but it has a stark similarity with ISC forums. When you are absent from ISC for a certain period, you will notice many threads. Take each file as the title of the thread, the first page inside the file is the body of the thread, the rest of the pages are responses of the members and the note you are sticking to the file is your own response. When you are handling the file for the first time, you have to to go through all of the pages before making your comment. Though the number of pages in the file can be much more, there is a similarity.
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    The author has presented a good comparison between our work place pending things versus when we come back to ISC after a gap.

    The only difference between the two is that the former is our main livelihood and we have to do that in any case but in the latter case we can do it in a slow pace also as it is related to our aptitude and interest. Another major difference is the former will be done in a routine stressful conditions while the latter will be in an enjoying mindset. The last difference which also I will like to mention here is that in the workplace we are bound by certain rules, regulation and procedures and adhere to them and write the things in file in a precise official way while here the creative writing has no such restriction and sky is the limit for one's imagination and the real artist hidden in the individual comes out with full glory.

    The analogy between workplace and ISC is good one but our approach to take up them is different.

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    It happens so often that we come to login here after a gap and we see that we have missed a lot of contests and good forums etc. It is not possible to cope up with that much of backlog as there are closing dates also.

    Then we have to be contend with whatever available at that time and contribute. For those who are more active in forum, jobs and Ask Experts sections, this is a perpetual problem. For those who are more active in information update and article sections, it does not matter much because they can always post their articles on varied subjects anytime.

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    Yes, it happens and that's why it's said to finish your work on time by prioritising the things. If i talk about ISC I usually login daily here as per the time availability and respond on the threads which i find in interesting. At work, this is a usual approach to finish those work first which are important when you have lots of pendency. As we are not a machine and we have our own efficiency so cannot complete work for many days in a day so it's better to do the proper work management.

    I have observed that you were not on ISC for a few days and I understand you might be having some other works to do so could devote time here but the forum was not so vibrant in your absence so it won't be a problem for you to read the pending threads and responses. You may be able to finish them soon.


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    When we are absent for duty whatever works we have to attend are to be completed soon after we join back the duty. But during my service in my previous company, my office is used to be with me in the form of a Laptop. My PA from the office used to talk to me and used to reply to my emails. As mainly my job is to guide the team I never felt the pressure of work after coming back from the duty. But at the same time when I was on leave also I was not completely free from the office works.
    Now when I am going out of Station I carry my iPod and I will spend some time on that so that I will not miss my present office work as well as ISC also. Definitely, I will take out some time and try to work on the official work and based on the remaining time I will try to send some time on ISC also.

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