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    Not approved can become Note approved.

    Mohan is seriously thinking about the file in the Minister's office. The approval of that file is very important for his company so that the profits this year will be good for his company. Around 10. 30 AM he went to the concerned office to know about the progress in the approval of his file. The concerned senior official is a friend of him. He met him and came to know that the file is on the table of the Minister concerned.
    He came back home and in the night his friend called him and told him that the Minister's remarks are "Not Approved". Mohan got worried and asked his friend about the solution for him. They discussed the matter and his friend told him that Not Approved can become Note Approved if he is ready to spend some good amount of notes. They discussed and next day by the evening as informed by his friend Not Approved has become Note Approved.

    It appears like a story. But similar sort of things may be happening really also. The views of the members are solicited.
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    This is a joke which I have been reading since my teens. But during my 29 years 4 months and 15 days of Government service (till now) in various Central Government offices I haven't seen a single similar case.

    I have to write about one of the many true incidents which I have seen or experienced during my service (just like Kundu-babu incident).

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    This is a joke popular in the official circles but depicts well the situation where with money a rejection can become an acceptance.

    There are cases where by bribing the lower level people, the alterations like one mentioned by author were carried out and no one knew about it until they were dug out by the respective vigilance department of the organisation concerned. It was also found that people have made alterations even after a gap of time in the files to show completely different decisions.

    I read one article regarding the vigilance activities where the vigilance authorities have got a method to find out the age of the ink to tell when it was used to write on the file. It is really a great method and shows the photograph of the alteration very clearly as different things written at different times stand out sharply.

    So, although the dishonest elements are doing a lot of jugglery in the important files but they are caught also with high tech methods available with the vigilance agencies.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A very interesting post. A little change in spellings bringing out the drastic difference in the decision of the competent authority.

    That may be a reason why the authorities take so much time in clearing files. To see all the aspects beforehand and not keep any scope for mischievousness.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I think the story is a reality if we look into the various corrupt practices in many government departments. I am aware of a councillor, though he is not from my area, who takes bribes even for a simple residential certificate.

    If similar things, as mentioned by the author, is not happening elsewhere then why we are so disgusted with the corrupt politicians? Because of the increased level of corruption, many cumbersome procedures were made online to make it hassle-free. Go to the customs department or IT department and if you can grease the palms of the officials well you are certain that the job which is pending for some time will be cleared within moments.


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    That's the height of corruption. But in recent days what I feel the corruption has reduced. I remember in the past we have to bribe the officials even for the small work which has reduced nowadays due to sting operations being carried by media. Now officials are scared of taking a bribe. It's because of the media now the things have improved a bit but still, things have to be changed for better growth of the nation.

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