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    Eagerly waiting to watch the film

    Since 2014, there have been two surgical strikes by Indian Para-commandos. In the first strikes, the Paras entered Myanmar and finished Naga terrorists in a brilliant operation. After one year of that strike, Indian Para-commandos along with Ghatak Platoons of some Infantry Battalions (who had suffered due to the terrorist attack at Uri) destroyed some launching-pads in PoK. Both the strikes were 100% successful. I read the details of these two operations from a very eminent defence analyst immediately after the operations. I thought about writing these operations on ISC, but later did not do it.

    Much later, I read the entire details of these two operations in the brilliant book of Shiv Aroor titled "India's Most Fearless". Now based on this book, a film has been made on the surgical strike in PoK by Indian Army. The film has been released yesterday.

    Eagerly waiting to watch the film 'Uri'. Will try to judge how realistically the film has been made. Want to know whether the background (Pathankot and Uri attacks) and the strike have been properly depicted and interested to know whether the exact weapons used in the operation have been shown, or not. The general reviews of the film have not covered these aspects.
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    I am in two minds about whether or not to see this film in the theatre. Though I prefer not to select films to see based on reviews, after the debacle of the film Zero, I did read the reviews and now am in two minds whether or not it is worth spending on a ticket! Of course, one cannot even remotely compare the two films as the genre and storyline are vastly different, but just wondering whether to go or not to go. Quite a few of the reviews are mentioning it as a Govt. propaganda film though most do point out that the action scenes and acting are outstanding. So would like to know your unbiased views on it.
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    I would suggest you to go through the first chapter of Shiv Aroor's book which has given graphic details of the event except the name of the Para Battalion involved. After reading this chapter, you may watch the movie and compare the truth and the fiction.
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    The movie is in news because of its specific theme and will definitely attract the serious viewers.

    Such movies are rarely made and sometimes generate controversies also.

    We will be able to make precise comments after viewing it only.

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    The movie is being talked about in the city. I want to see the movie. I am much interested to see the shooting of the attack scenes. How those fighting scenes were shot. I have not read the book also. I can comment on the movie after I view the same. Anyone who viewed can post their comments so that people who wanted to have a look may be able to decide whether to go or not to go.
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    Yes, the movie is in the news. I remember long back I saw a hindi war movie 'Haqeeqat'. It was made in 1964. The background is Indo-China war of 1962. It still has imprint in my mind.

    Let us see how 'Uri' impresses the viewers.

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    Apart from reality, Indian film makers have the ability to add mirchi masala to the reality. I am sure, the film will be interesting to watch in a theatre.
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    Just now returned after watching the film 'Uri'. I will post a detailed review of the film very soon. From the reaction of the audience, I am sure that the film will be popular. The acting has been good, especially that of Paresh Rawal in the role of Govinda (in actuality, Ajit Doval). The setting has been realistic.

    But as an audience who has gone through the details of the strike, I find that the film is factually incorrect. Further, the director should not have brought the 'human relation' factor in the film.

    Overall, an excellent film for the general audience.

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    Partha, URI being a movie and not a documentary, we must allow some leverage due to the commercial and related requirements. A movie can be best appreciated only if we approach it in that perspective.
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    Today I have posted a detailed review of the film in the Articles section. In the review (which is not yet approved), I have tried to mention the plus-points and drawbacks of the film. This is my personal assessment.
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    I saw the film yesterday. I would request everyone to fill the theatres for this film. It is worth every rupee whether it is an Rs.100 ticket for a matinee show or an Rs.250 ticket for an evening one. Don't bother about the people who say it is a propaganda film or a chest-thumping one or a jingoistic one. Watch it for what it really is - a well-made film. If you can spend money on a good film like Raazi, Stree, Andhadun and the like, why not for URI? Watch it, promote it on social media.

    I will post my own views of the film in a comment to Partha's article after it is approved since we should not put comments to those articles which are in new submissions/pending.

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    Note that the name of the character played by Paresh Rawal is Govind and not Govinda (refer response #656651) and, as per my view, he has not surpassed the acting of the others as you stated in your review. He just played his role competently.

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    I do admit the first part. His name is Govind in the film. I wrongly wrote it in Bengali style.

    But regarding the acting part, I humbly beg to differ. I feel that Paresh Rawal is the best actor in the film. In the limited space, he beautifully used various expressions to indicate mental tension, agony and the new way of thinking of Indian establishment. His acting was subtle and not loud.

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