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    The non-fear factor - write a short story and earn!

    Like writing short stories? Submit one based on the concepts provided and earn!

    Based on the responses to this thread we invite members to write a short story of not more than 150 words in English. Simply select any three (not more) of the concepts put up in that thread and write a story which does not involve any fear (meaning, not a horror type). For example, you can select thunder, picnic, riding a horse. Another selection: snorkelling, bike, office party. All the three concepts which you select must be included in your story in some way. You can use it in any grammatical manner (as an adjective, verb, adverb, etc.) Those who responded in that thread can select their own three concepts and a story can include concepts from one of those responses or a mix of various responses.

    Your short story should be submitted in a response to this thread only. Every entry will get enhanced points and cc as per the quality of the story, up to a maximum of 25points/25cc. Only one entry per member is allowed.

    Update on 13th Jan.: Please mention the three elements/concepts selected by you at the end of your story.

    Closing date: 16th January 2018.

    (Note: though some of the responses did not really come up with inanimate objects, such as dogs and jackals, you can select those as well).
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    Title: The help is right below but far away

    On Annapurna mountains, at a whopping 5000 meters height, darkness looms over us like a rug. But Manjunath's leg is worrying me more than the cloudy night. His leg is gravely injured. Our team leader insisted us to wait for the help to arrive in the morning but Manjunath's pain is incomprehensible. Our first aid kit fell few meters ago. I stood up,"Chief. I will bring another kit. It takes 6 hours to reach the base camp. I am sure that is a better course of action than waiting." Leader Vikram, who knew the summit like the palm of his hand leered at me. "Climbing down in darkness is a death wish. Just wait till the help arrives". I prepared myself, ignoring him and told him, "Help doesn't arrive if you don't call loud enough. I will get the help team".

    (The topics I chose are: 1. Not afraid of darkness in night.
    2. Not afraid of climbing mountains.
    3. Not afraid of speaking the truth before bigger personalities. )

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    Oops. I am sorry Vandana. I forgot that we should submit the entry in the thread itself. Can I paste my entry here and my thread be locked?

    Edit: Thanks Vandana. I will try not be in a hurry next time.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Title: I wrote the sentence and returned

    In the office-party, it was decided that on the New Year, there would be a picnic. We booked a guest-house to stay on 2nd also.

    On 1st January, we reached the spot. A colleague went to explore. Returning, he informed about a burning-ghat 2 Kilometer away. Nobody went there at night.

    I was subjected to bantering by my colleagues. They asked me to prove my courage visiting the burning-ghat at night.

    We came to the guest-house after the picnic. I arranged a bicycle, a torch and a chalk.

    I started at night. There were a thunderstorm and unseasonal drizzle. I parked the bicycle, carefully examined the path with the torch, entered and reached the temple inside. Ignoring the terrifying howling of the jackals, I took out the chalk, wrote on the board of the temple: "I came here" and signed.

    I rode the cycle and returned safe and sound.

    [Elements used: Office-party, Thunderstorm and Howling of jackals in the burning-ghat]

    P.S.: I hope that the title will not be counted.

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    You are always in a tearing hurry! Why on earth don't you concentrate and read instructions properly? Needlessly you create mistakes for every contest. I have locked the other thread. Post your entry in this thread, then I will delete that thread altogether since we cannot have duplication of content. Put the story in your first response to this thread.

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    No, the title will not be considered for the word count. I have also updated the instructions to request members to mention at the end which three elements/concepts they have included in their story.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Title: Going from a lonely road at night.

    I was returning from a party. As it was night and my car was not starting so I had to go back home on foot. It was raining a bit and the sound of a thunderstorm was making my speed fast not because of fear but because I didn't want to get wet in rain. My house is in a suburban area and people are scared of going to our house at night but i never had such fear in my mind as I don't believe in the existence of ghosts. I am scared of the barking of dogs because sometimes they even bite you if you start running in front of them. But today i was not as i was tired and wanted to reach my home as soon as possible as the rain was about to come and the next day i had to reach office at 6 am. Finally, in a few minutes, I reached home. My grandmother opened the door and the first thing she said that I am a brave boy as I came at night fearlessly. It started heavily once I changed the clothes and got on to the bed. I thanked God that I reached home safely.


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    Had the darshan on the hilltop and came back.

    There is a party in the office. The party is arranged in the guest of the company. Invitation letters were sent by the PA of the General Manager. I don't know how it happened I have not received the invitation letter.

    I am not worried and thought of spending that day evening by going to the nearest hilltop as I am alone in the house. My family has gone to our native place.

    It is around 7 PM, I started climbing the hilltop alone. It is very cloudy. Midway drizzling started and I reached the hilltop. There is a small temple and I had the Darshan. While coming down power has gone. No public because of rain. The street dogs started barking heavily as it is very dark, heavy rain and no traffic. I continued my walk and reached home around 10 PM.

    Elements used: Office party, climbing the hill and barking dogs.

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    Title: A short trip to village

    Hari's grandmother was living in the village and he used to go there from the town during his school holidays to take some basic provisions for her. This time also he went there and handed over the provisions and asked about Nirmal.

    "He has gone to his aunt's house in the nearby village." Grandma told him.
    Hari became disappointed. Nirmal was his close friend. He was badly missing him.

    "How many days you are here Hari? Neighbours are going out the coming wednesday for picnic at the temple." Grandma asked.
    "I will be going back on Monday." Hari retorted. He became sad that he will be missing the picnic.

    Seeing that Hari was missing Nirmal, Grandma suggested, "Why don't you go to the function in Ramesh uncle's house tomorrow." Hari was happy as he liked gatherings with friends and relatives.
    "I will go there, Grandma!" He exclaimed loudly.

    [Elements used - (1) picnic with friends or family, (2) missing old friends and (3) community or neighbourhood gatherings/parties.]

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    Title # Statehood for being grown-up & fearless.

    When we are still small, we are surrounded by the whole lots of fantasies & stories which we began to believe upon instantly. During this whole process we are imprisoned by the facts & the matters which are actually fake with no link to the real aspects in the practical lives of ours but during the time we come to know about this we are in grip of those which then continues in the later part of our lives till we get some wisdom to differentiate between those.

    For example, how often you remind yourself of the heavy barking of street dogs in the midnight that I am not afraid of thunder and storm at night or that I am not afraid of darkness in the night either. During our childhood days our perceptions towards these used to be different but as the time moved on we find ourselves a little bit more mature in order to convince ourselves that these are the hidden phenomenon within each one us with a convincing belief that if we have molded ourselves to become fearless than the above don't have any meaning or in other words we don't care for it anymore.

    Elements used:
    Heavy barking of street dogs in the midnight.
    I am not afraid of thunder and storm at night.
    I am not afraid of darkness in the night.

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    Title- Witness to a grandfather's agony.

    Ganga's grandfather was having a high fever and was shivering despite the blankets she had covered him with. She sat massaging his palm and feet. She asked him whether he would like to have some hot water to which he gestured in the negative. Ganga was never afraid of treating the seriously ill because she was a nurse by profession. But she was not feeling very comfortable that night maybe because she was alone.

    She opened the door to the balcony and stood outside looking at the heavy rain that was pouring outside. She felt that the rain resembled a painting when seen against the backdrop of the street light on the road.

    Ganga rushed back inside hearing some sound and looked at her grandfather. It looked as if he had slept at last. But being a nurse, she could suddenly make out that he has now slept forever.

    (Elements used- Treating the seriously ill, heavy rains and standing in the balcony at night.)

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    My story:
    Title: Snake in the Class
    Everybody in the corridor of Green Valley University heard the loud noises coming from the classroom number 4. It was almost 8 in the night and thunderstorms could be heard. Suddenly, students saw Prof. Malhotra screaming at the top of his voice in the middle of delivering his long lecture on Research Methodology, and a green coloured rope like thing dangling from his neck. The students thought it to be a snake and tried to get out of the classroom in panic. In between this frantic movement, one student named Raju was sitting quietly at his place. After everything calmed down, the principal found out that the green thing was a plastic snake planted on his shirt by Raju. Raju wanted to play a prank right on the last day prior to New Year. Raju was suspended for a week from the classes.
    Elements considered: 1. Long Lecture, 2. Thunderstorms at night, 3.Snake

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    Title: A bittersweet experience

    The sound of a thunderstorm with splashes of rainfall that resonated like rock music to my ears was my companion while I was studying for an examination one midnight. Meanwhile, my mother woke up to go to the toilet which was in the courtyard of our house.

    I cautioned her against the wet and slippery courtyard. Unfortunately, she slipped and screamed in fear. I ran to check on her, found her lying down, and groaning in pain. I carefully pulled her up and brought her back to the room. My elder sisters were away, so I looked after my grievously injured mother all alone with confidence. The next morning we admitted her to a hospital.

    In between, we missed the annual party in our neighbourhood due to Mom's hospitalization. I loved to miss it, though the cause behind it was not sweet.

    Elements included:
    1. Thunderstorm
    2. Looking after grievously injured patient
    3. Party in the neighbourhood


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    Title: The frightening noise

    It was a winter night and myself with two colleagues were in the same room. Suddenly, we heard a loud noise coming from the side of the balcony. My colleagues were frightened and tried to cover themselves up more tightly with the blankets. I woke up, switched on all the lights and went to the balcony. A drunkard shouting and hurling stones on the tinned roof of a closed shop somewhere in the opposite side.

    I returned to the room and slept. Next morning, after watching the sunrise we were strolling in the beach. I was excited to see people riding horses and thought of giving it a try.

    The horse took me a bit far and I found a group of my school friends there. They insisted me to join in their picnic. I waved and smiled at them, but returned to enjoy the trip with my colleagues.

    (Elements used: Loud noise at night, riding a horse and missing old friends)


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    Title: A prudent decision

    Smita was invited for the late night party in the neighbourhood.

    It was already 8:15 PM and party was scheduled at 8:30 PM. Smita came out in the verandah and saw that it was drizzling outside. She became alert as she was having a little cold and cough and if it rains heavily then due to temperature changes her condition may deteriorate. She decided not to go.

    Soon it started raining heavily and in the night she got up due to the loud sound of lightening and came out in verandah. It was pitch dark and wind was ferociously blowing. She went back to bed. She woke up in the morning and from WhatsApp messages came to know that due to storm the party was spoilt and people had a lot of inconvenience.

    Smita thanked God for her good decision.

    (Elements used: getting up in the night and going out in the balcony or verandah, storm at night and neighbourhood gatherings/parties)

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