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    Are men involved in kitchen work better household managers?

    Traditionally, women are supposed to manage the kitchen while men go out to attend their jobs. In general, men do not bother for the kitchen matters and are not much concerned about the household activities in kitchen or related to the kitchen.

    The modernisation in our living and women attending the jobs and pursuing their careers has brought changes in this status and though still the kitchen is thought to be the area of women, some men have started taking part in the activities in kitchen.

    I have an observation that those men who take a little interest in kitchen activities are more aware of their household needs and management with respect to those who are not involved at all. They are aware of the needs of the provisions, gas cylinder changing, difficulties in the kitchen for working and associated matters. This in fact helps them in managing the household affairs in a better way. This small gesture from their side will also be very helpful to the ladies of the house.

    What is your experience in this? Please give your comments.
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    Women will always be happy with the men assisting their bit in the kitchen. Who does not like little help here and there.

    It is also true that the men who are aware with the practicalities of the kitchen work will never make lose comments regarding the efficiency of a housewife. It is also likely that they may help in getting the household problems resolved on priority.

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    Yes. It is true. Getting the food on to the table on time, the food should be tasty, the whole food made should be consumed and the expenses should be as budgeted, This is the main criteria for a kitchen. Ladies maintain the kitchen in the required way. It is almost similar to managing a company, Product or service should be available as per the delivery schedules, the output should be as per the requirements of the customer, the supply should get delivered and budget should not be more than expected expenses. It appears similar to kitchen management but scales are different. So if a person is good managing a kitchen can definitely be good at managing the operations also. A person who can manage operations well can manage the kitchen also well.
    So I say the men who are good at kitchen management will definitely become good managers in the office also. But what I feel is women are having more patience than men. So they can manage either kitchen or works more effectively than a man.

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    It cannot be denied that the ladies are more efficient in managing the kitchen since they are tuned in such activities since their childhood. On entering the age of ten, a girl child is encouraged to participate in the kitchen - activities including the washing of utensils and plates. Initially they are assisted by their mother and later they take part independently in making some dishes. Attainment of perfection takes place with the consistent practices. Males are deprived of such oppurtunities since it is the perception of Hindu- family that males are born to look after the families with a decent earning and such misconceptions of their parents prevent the males in carrying out household activities.
    However, such trend has reversed due to better understanding of the partners to each other and also the responsibility of ladies has also shifted with their engagement in the jobs outside the family. Such situations have created the entry of males inside the kitchen so as to facilitate the job of ladies. Now the jobes are not gender based but requires efficiency.

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    I agree with the author. Actually, when you are really involved in some activities you become aware of its shortcomings. The same thing is observed in men who are involved in kitchen-related activities. Nowadays more women are becoming professionals and their husbands help them in the kitchen.

    When the husbands along with their wives are managing the regular activities in the kitchen, they need to be aware of the refilling of the cylinders, AMC of the water purifiers and so on. Just imagine the situation when suddenly the cylinder becomes emptied during cooking. If you do not have another refill ready you will face a lot of difficulties. When husbands are helping wives in household activities, they are becoming aware of the things required to manage the household. Thus, men are also turning into household managers.


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    My wife doesn't do the job and looks at home and kids so she is totally in charge of the kitchen. I don't go to the kitchen it's not that i am not allowed to, its because i dont like cooking. I know cooking but i dont like it. Sometimes once in a while when I enter the kitchen my question from my wife normally is where is salt, sugar etc? And my wife gets angry hearing these repeated questions.

    That's right. I agree with the author that the men who are involved in the kitchen work exactly know what are their household needs. Actually, in such case, both husband and wife are involved and maintains things better.


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    Women like men who can cook. It's a fact. It not only adds a utility point in relationship but also a romantic one. You can surprise your partner with something delicious each morning. This is what everyone of us desires. A delicious breakfast by someone you love. A friendly lunch and a lavish dinner at a restaurant each night. And having a guy who could fulfill that demand is a blessing. But this does mean that men will understand household matters better by putting more time in kitchen and even while doing things like laundry. As many others pointed out, who wouldn't like getting a helping hand. Two people helping each other out is one of the most beautiful sights.
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