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    Request to check attachment of crossword puzzle

    Based on the suggestion by Umesh to have something related to education and to have an interesting crossword puzzle, I have created one and am fine tuning the draft. It is taking a while as it looks a bit messy, but hope to schedule it in the coming week/weekend. I would like to request members to please check the attachment given to this thread of the Word doc. with a sample blank crossword puzzle. I would like you to try and download the attachment as well as put in letters in the empty boxes and let me know if you had any problems in doing so.

    Those of you who work at ISC through smartphones are also requested to let me know if there were any issues in downloading and working on the puzzle (entering letters in the boxes) through the phone itself.

    Expecting feedback from at least eight members.
  • Sample crossword puzzle (162896-1-Sample-crossword-puzzle.doc)
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    You have inserted a table in the blank word document. I tested it. It is working all right. I am able to save it also.

    There is one small thing that when we are entering a letter in the cell where you have written a small number as identification number pertaining to an 'across' or 'down' clue our letter is also becoming small but in vacant cells there is no problem as the size of letter entered by us is adequate. So, it is a formatting problem.

    So, there will be a size mismatch of letters in numbered cells versus blank cells. Of course it is only a cosmetic issue.

    What I suggest is make your number slightly bigger size so that when we put our letter then our letter is also of that size.

    If the cell can not accommodate one number plus one letter then we have to increase the size of the cell.

    Alternatively, after you increase the size of the numbers in the cells we can delete the number and put our letter in its place. So there will be no number in our answers but you have it and you can match them.

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    I am able to download the attachment and I viewed that. I am able to place letters in the boxes. But the letters in vacant boxes are coming bigger size and the letters in the box where already there is a number are smaller and of the same size as that of the number in those boxes. In such case when we fill the boxes all the letters will not be uniform. The letters in the numbered shells will be smaller and letters in the other squares will be smaller. This is to be seen. Otherwise no other problem.
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    Yes, Madam, It is working. I am able to download and type the words in mobile as well as in desktop computer.
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    Checked just now. The sample crossword puzzle can be downloaded.
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    I have checked it. While I am entering a letter, the problem in fonts related to the numbered cells and blank cells are the same as mentioned by the members. There is a little formatting required in that document, otherwise, everything is fine.

    Actually, the superscript option is turned on in the numbered cells. Just remove the superscript option following the number and it will work fine. I have checked and tested it in that way.


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    As suggested at #656606 by Sankalan, the superscript setting can be removed and let the digit be bigger just like the letters in other cells.

    I think it will suffice for our purpose. Only thing is the cell size may required to be increased slightly.

    It will serve the purpose.

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    The same problem is being noticed as we are entering the letter adjacent to the number then the font of the letter becomes equal to the number.

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    I have checked the format and found it fit to conduct a puzzle contest. It's working fine. You may go ahead with your puzzle contest without any hesitation or doubt.

    The font size won't make any difference to the participants.

    All the best. Jai Hind.

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    Thanks, everyone, for the input. I think you could manage with the font size as it is or simply hit the enter key and then put in the letter in each box. I am in the midst of drafting the clues. Members should keep an eye out for the announcement in the this month's contests' schedule thread.
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