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    Haste will only waste our efforts

    Many times we are not sure how to go ahead or whether to jump or not in the new situation or take or not take that bold step forward and in that confusion are not able to decide the course of action. Some people term it as indecisiveness also. If we take a hasty decision then we may simply fail in our endeavours and disappointment sets in.

    In such difficult times, we have to use our intelligence and prudence to find out the details of the situations we are going to enter into. We must get the information and experiences of others in the same situation and only after getting those inputs we should try to fully involve in that task or activity. Patience is an important element required for these home works.

    Do you also believe in this methodology to be adopted before entering into or venturing into a new arena in our life?
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    Without thinking completely about the issue if we take decisions in haste, the result may be different than what it should be. At the same time, we can't sit on the issue without taking any decision and go on thinking about the same. In such a case sometimes we may miss our bus and we may lose time. So thinking correctly and taking the correct decision at the correct time is the essence of the entire issue.
    Our Ex-Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao used to say that not talking an immediate decision itself is a decision for the time being. Like this sometimes we will delay the matter for reasons known. That can't be treated as not taking a decision.
    When we take an important decision we should think, see the fast records, consult the people with experience and study all the inputs and take the decision. This is the best-known way of taking a decision. Some people go by their intuition. But sometimes it may go wrong.

    always confident

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    For taking up any project or assignment in the life one has to think a lot and consider all the pros and cons. It is not an easy job. It requires due diligence to be exercised before jumping into the new areas.

    People who patiently think and analyze their future actions go for them only after considering all the aspects. That is called experience and prudence.

    Knowledge is power.

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