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    Do few moments of sourness in relationships make it sweeter?

    Misunderstandings, quarrels, a difference in opinions are quite common in any relationship, be it husband- wife, friends, father-son etc. It is said that where there is love there will be fights also and it is sometimes healthy for the relationships.

    When there are moments of sourness in any relationship it is followed by firing words from both sides and this is followed by a virtual curfew where both the parties keep silent and do not talk to each other for few days. This is the period when they remain silent, think over the happenings and analyze it. Then as time passes by they start missing each other and they realize the value of togetherness. So anger subsides and each one realizes their mistakes and compromise is reached again.

    It is seen that these breaks make the relationship sweeter than before and a renewed bond is established between the associated parties. It is just like sunshine which seems more pleasant after the spells of storm and rain.

    So sometimes these occasional downs in relationships serve as a blessing in disguise to make the relationships more mature. Sometimes in relationships, people start taking each other for granted and when everything is going well people do not take time to think as to what more can be done to strengthen the relationship. But when things like quarrels, misunderstandings happen they make people think and analyze about their mistakes and at times this leads to more responsibility and seriousness towards carrying on the relationship.

    So smooth drive in a relationship is always good but few speed breakers on the way make us alert, slow down and then again accelerate in the journey of relationship.
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    When there is darkness only we know the value of light. When there is hot taste only we can understand the sweetness of the sweet dishes. In the same when there are small differences only we will understand the value of the relationship. When we are going together and when we accept each other very well we will not understand the value of relations. When we spend alone some time then only we will understand the value of relations.
    So when there is a difference of opinions there may be some bitter moments. But these bitter moments will again change the situation shortly and again a friend will start moving together as they will understand the value of happy moments. When there is a break we will think about why the break and how we are responsible and how we can bring back normalcy. This will happen in both the parties involved and they will try from their sides to bring back the old good moments. That is always better for a good prolonged relationship.

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    It is the truth. This has been said by the great Thiruvalluvar, the author of the holy Thirukkural which contains 1330 two-line Kurals. The last Kural(1330th) speaks about the sourness before an activity and the sweetness during the activity. The Kural is related to relationship between the couples and well written by the author Thiruvalluvar.

    @ Interested members can search for the English translation of the Kural and understand the reality of the fact through the Thirukkural 1330.

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    The author has posted a very interesting thread. Yes, it is true that such small confrontations or quarrels bring peace and sweetness later.

    In a deeper prospective this is only true when there is no malice or ill feeling or hidden agenda behind those fights. If a woman is fighting regularly with her husband because she wants to live separately from the parents or other family members then their will not be any sweetness after the quarrel. In the same way if the husband is having extra marital activity and wants to desert his wife then he will also fight on insignificant issues.

    So, if there is nothing serious underneath, there is no worry and small fights are forgotten by the evening when the family is looking up to the usual fun time over tea and snacks. In fact in such trivial quarrels, both sides compete in accepting their faults at the earliest and a burst of laugh follows it. Even the children enjoy these quick post compromises.

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    We generally take something sour or spicy when we eat too much sweet in order to balance the taste. Similarly, small quarrels and moments of absolute silence can make the reconciliation sweeter. But one should take care to see that such breaks are kept short. Quarrels and small fights are fine but the gap during which you ignore or do not talk to each other must be kept to the minimum. The longer the break, the lesser would be the chances of reconciliation because the period in between is likely to create an ego in the parties and the sourness may turn into bitterness which would lessen the possibility of a reconciliation.
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    Small quarrels are of insignificant nature. They happen only to be forgotten soon. There is no serious implication.

    They are like salt in the food. Without the salt there is no taste in the food.

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    Yes, I agree. Without a little bit of sourness, the relationship becomes mundane. This is because just like life, the relationship has also ups and down. But, at the same time, if the sourness continues prevailing over sweetness, then the entire relationship turns sour.
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