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    Do you think the art of 'Food Making' in home will suffer a lot in the future?

    In India most of the people have the habit of cooking food for the family at home by the lady head of the home usually. Rarely families visit Hotels on some occasions. Even in modern busy world also till now ladies are managing cooking needs for the family along with their busy professional life. But at present in big cities and towns Food transporting agencies like Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda etc. entrenched their presence in this field. By giving huge discounts of 50% for food supply from Hotels making people to habituated to get their food from hotels more frequently. So 'Home Makers' of the house feeling happy to escape the wrath of their busy professional schedule. So in course of time the Art of Food Making in the house loose its sheen and people accustom themselves to this foreign culture of buying ready made food. Members what is your view about it?
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    This trend is seen only in cities and bigger towns. In villages and towns still, this home delivery of ready to eat food packets from hotels is not picked up. The food transportation companies are offering cheap rates to get their business expanded. The restaurants are supporting these companies as their overheads will come down. The maintenance charges for the restaurants will come down if the food is transported to the customer's house. This is a win-win situation for all the three parties involved. That is why this business is flourishing. But every day every time eating outside food is not good for health. So health conscious people may not completely get converted 100% to outside food. So the habit of cooking food in the house may not go completely. They may opt for outside food once or twice in a week. Hence I don't think the art of food making may not lose its fragrance. In fact, the food makers in the house will become more innovative and try various foods which they are getting once in a while from the restaurants.
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    The 'Art of Food Making' at home is not going to suffer in future. Those food delivery organizations are offering heavy discounts just to promote their business. Nowadays, in many cases, both the husband and wife are working and if both of them had to manage a hectic schedule then at times it may be tiresome to cook every day. In that case, they may order food online but making it a regular habit is not a healthy decision.

    When somebody is ordering the food online, they will prefer to order their favourite dish and all of us are aware of the effects of excessive spices that are found in the dishes prepared in the restaurant. Many people are becoming health conscious and they prefer to maintain a strict diet. There are lots of people who are fond of various cooking shows and they love to try those dishes at home. So, occasionally people will order food through different food delivery organizations and in the long run, the art of cooking will not diminish.


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    There are going to be many changes in this area and already a lot of cultural change has been inducted by the modern living.

    Those who are financially well off are regularly getting outside food if not daily at least on the weekends. If the husband and wife both are doing job then it may be more frequent.

    Even in the conservative families the use of readymade spices and ingredients has tremendously increased. The commercial and business world has foreseen this as an opportunity and are bringing various products in the market which are making the life of the housewife a bit easier by using those readymade solutions. However these things are available at a higher cost than that of doing everything ourselves.

    Slowly a paradigm shift is going to be in our households and more and more dependency on outside food is going to be there. The food industry is also shaping up to meet the increased demand of outside food and many companies as mentioned by the author are already in the fray.

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    I don't think the art of food making will suffer due to the influx of online home delivery systems as such but well it may suffer, as an art, due to lack of time and interest of people in cooking. One will not be ordering for home deliveries on a daily basis and never for all the meals in a day. We will still be cooking. But cooking as an art, I believe, has a different connotation in that it is then a passion to make good and tasty food as per the liking of our family members and the time and interest to be innovative and creative. And in that sense, it is likely to suffer, though not in general, at least in the rural areas.
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    As a housewife I have seen phenomenal changes in this respect especially in urban areas and more are in the offing.

    The way people were earlier cooking and devoting time has drastically changed and more dependence on readymade and outside foods is increasing day by day. The only reason why we are not going for outside food on daily basis is that it is costly as well as bad for our health if taken on a continuous basis.

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    Although in cities, upper-class and middle-class people have been developing the habit to take food from restaurants, I don't think that the 'art of food-making' will be lost. But the ladies are spending less time in the kitchens. Although this is good for ladies, at the same time, time-consuming preparation of food-items is going down. Ladies are now preparing standard food-items which require less time.
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    Yes. Because of the practice of eating from hotels directly or through agents like swiggy etc. ,many people forget the real taste of eating. Cooking become a rare one in them. Moreover because of such eating practice they are inviting many diseases and thereby making doctors to drain them.
    I read in a news that a girl for marriage stopped the marriage because of the bridegroom asked her whether she know cooking.

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