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    Do you feel that problems are opportunities?

    Every successful person has a different view to look at the problems, they see them as an opportunity to learn, grow, improve, or adjust in a way that leaves them better off than before the problem existed. It has a benefit in the sense that it makes us relieve the stress as we dont look at the problem a burdensome.

    We must accept that problems are inevitable. If you can learn to accept problems as a normal, regular, and completely unavoidable part of life, then you can handle them with easily more grace.

    Also one needs to train our brain not to react blindly but to respond to a problem as an improvement. People normally do react negatively and the problem becomes more burdensome. Therefore we must try to accept them as a part of our life and have to respond then positively.

    What is your reaction? Do you see the problems in life as burdensome?

    As far as i am concerned I do not face them as other things in life.
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    If all the issues in life move normally we will never have a thrill in life. It is too much to expect every issue to move without any problems. Only when there are problems only you will give more work to your brain. Otherwise, the brain will forget thinking also. We need not invite the problems but when they come on their own we should definitely accept as a chance to understand life properly. We think to solve the problems and when we are successful we feel happy. We should learn to fight with problems and solve the problems. Once you are in a problem you should think first how to solve the problem and then we have to think about why and how that problem has arisen. Once you start thinking about the chances of facing similar problems, again and again, will reduce. Once we know the root cause we will never do the same mistake so that we will not face a similar problem.
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    Well, when it's a problem it has a solution. Facing problems is a part of our lives and we must look forward to solving those problems rather than accepting defeat. At times, people tend to think that a particular problem cannot be solved even before giving it a try and that is when negativity plays the big role.

    Whenever you are beginning to think in a negative way, it affects you badly and the work gets hampered. By solving various problems, you become aware of the ways to handle those problems and the next time when you face the same issue, you already have a solution to it. Solving problems always give you the opportunity to learn the ways to its solution. Coming out of a difficult situation is always an experience where you are getting another opportunity to analyze all the issues and finding a solution to it.


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    No, like most of the people, I don't feel problems are opportunities. Like others, I pray to God to get over the problem as soon as possible. Later, when I introspect, occasionally I find that the past problem did bring some opportunities which I missed.
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    No one wants problems. Neither in work place or home. But they are and will be there time to time. That is the journey of life dotted with hindrances, obstacles and problems.

    Some people are discouraged by the problems. They seek help of others in mitigating them. They pray to God to remove those problems of life at an earliest. There are others who take it as a challenge and face them boldly and find out the solutions even in extreme cases.

    So different people have different approach towards the problems in life. There are a few who find and seek opportunities in such difficult times. They are the brilliant, bold and brave ones out of the lot.

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    Problems are wished for by no one, but we all have to face them. I like small struggles though. Struggles like unavailability of the required equipment. In those situations our creativity spring up and we might find something new altogether. But then there are serious struggles, like losses. No one can replace a loss. Losses are problems that cannot be opportunities.
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