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    Are these examples of hypocrisy?

    Shri Rahul Gandhi is on a two -day tour on 11th and 12th January, 2019 to Dubai. Yesterday, while addressing Indian diaspora at Dubai International Cricket Stadium, he said: "I am sad to say that back home it is four and a half years of intolerance."

    When he was saying this, Congress workers were vandalizing a theatre screen at a posh Kolkata mall where the movie 'The Accidental Prime Minister' was being screened.

    In January, 2017 when Shri Alok Verma was appointed as Director of CBI, Shri Mallikarjun Kharge, the leader of the opposition, vehemently opposed it. Now when Alok Verma is removed from his position as CBI Chief, Shri Kharge is still opposing it.

    Are these examples of hypocrisy?
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    This looks sad when we see Rahul Gandhi speaks so immaturely. I am worried about what's going to happen if in case he becomes the prime minister. The way he speaks about PM Modi is objectionable. Is it not a law if someone speaks badly about our country?.

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    These are examples of intolerance of the opposition camp. When the entire opposition has the only agenda of removing the BJP from the power they will do such things. The election is around the corner and all the opposition leaders are looking for opportunities to corner the government in some way.

    Now coming to the vandalism at a theatre hall in Kolkata, I would say everybody is the same. There are many films that created controversies and all the political parties created some kind of trouble for political mileage. In 2017, there was a controversy over the movie 'Padmavati' and the BJP also wanted the movie banned along with a few other outfits. We all are aware of the term 'freedom of expression' and how it is blatantly violated all over the country by different political parties. All these issues are quite disturbing but we are really helpless.


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    This is the way how political leaders are behaving. At present for all opposition parties, there is only a single point agenda that is removing BJP from the centre. That is why all opposition parties are trying to become a group. So every occasion they are trying to criticise the government. When Rahul Gandhi out of the Country he talks definitely bad about the ruling party even though it is out of the contest. It is his habit, I think and he is not mature enough to decide what to talk and what not to talk.
    The movie accidental PM is being criticised by every Congressman as it is showing the loopholes existing in their Party and party administration. If they keep silent it will be thought that whatever shown in the movie is agreed by them. This is very natural. We have seen many BJP people creating a problem for Padmavati movie.
    The elections are coming and these criticisms will become more and more.

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    There is no leader in the age-old India's party to lead the party in the right direction. An Immatured leader is leading and steering the party without knowing the destination where to go and how to go. He doesn't know what to speak, how to speak, where to speak, when to speak and whom to speak. There is no senior leader to guide this young and immature politician on the right path. If our countrymen choose this leader to lead India, India would dig its own grave for Indians. If such is the attitude of this leader, I am sure, BJP will continue to rule again.

    Vandalization of cinema halls is a common activity by all the political parties as and when they get a chance to attack the other party.

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    When the opposition becomes desperate then such things happen. It is very unfortunate that in our country we are not able to sustain a constructive opposition which is really required for the development and prosperity. Healthy criticism is always welcome but criticism for the sake of it and to spread rumours and malice has no meaning.

    The objective of opposition today is only to oust the present party in power by hook or crook. They fee that if they come to power everything will be automatically resolved. This is the height of the confidence we have seen anywhere!

    These politicians are simply fighting for post and power. Very few of them are serious for the progress of the country.

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    Yes, but why project it as something new? Haven't we heard similar statements from our Prime Minister during his speeches abroad? Kharge might have opposed the appointment of Sri Alok Verma and now he is only questioning the mode in which the CBI chief has been ousted.

    Hypocrisy has always been a part of politics and we can recall many instances from different political leaders and parties. As has been said by some members in the above responses, we will get to hear many such criticisms and counter-criticisms as the election approaches. There is no point in trying to pick and choose and make a mountain out of a mole-hill to serve the interests of some. Healthy criticism is fine but I doubt whether ISC is a proper platform for propaganda.

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    "Kharge might have opposed the appointment of Sri Alok Verma and now he is only questioning the mode in which the CBI chief has been ousted. "------------Is it so? Can't the Government transfer an officer? Was Verma ousted or did he resign?

    " Healthy criticism is fine but I doubt whether ISC is a proper platform for propaganda."--------Is it always correct?

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    Partha, let us please not argue for the sake of argument by distorting facts. We are all aware of the Alok Verma case.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    Mr. Saji Ganesh: I have not distorted any fact. Kindly explain which facts have been distorted? Mr. Verma, after being reinstated by the Supreme Court as CBI Director, was transferred t Fire Services & Civil Defence as DG. He then resigned on his own.
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    Partha, does the story begin where you say? Why hide the midnight strategic attack?
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    In the present thread, I am not discussing the tug-of-war going on in respect of the position of CBI Director. This thread is on the hypocrisy of the politicians. So, I have not brought from when the game started in CBI. I am not willing to discuss CBI.
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    What today we are criticising about others is only being done for the coming election times and take advantage by such lose talks. The gullible public takes them on the face value.

    It is easy to find out negative points in someone's administration but the real prudence and maturity is when we praise or appreciate the good points also.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Actually Mr Rahul Gandhi gave great speech in Dubai. The speech was short and sweet. But if check most of the news channel not aired that speech and you may not even found the article in most of the newspaper.

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    Mr. Rahul: The speech of Mr. Rahul Gandhi may be 'short and sweet'. But the question is: Do the Congress workers give due importance to the speech of their party president? What does the vandalism in Kolkata mall by Congress workers indicate?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The President & the Vice-President of the India's oldest party are on bail for fraud & the President of the same political party goes on with the biggest of platforms saying that he got a vision for projects which would remove every miseries from the modern India & few believe them finding it realistic.

    For me this is good enough to explain the mentality of Indian voters.

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