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    Are you wearing a mask?

    When you are going for the interview, you are in formal attire. When you are at a party, you choose the best outfit to match the occasion. This is applicable to almost everybody and we change the way of dressing depending on the situation. The situation may be different, but we carry the personality everywhere. Basically, personality is that particular character that signifies our behaviour and attitude in different situations. We maintain certain standards in all our activities and people are distinguished by their unique personality.

    There are a few aspects in our character which is admired by all and politeness with a calm posture is among those aspects. While rigidity is not liked by people, you may find your boss or colleague very rigid. In most of the cases, we see that people maintain these characteristics everywhere, whether they are at home, workplace or party. There are a few who exhibit different characters at different places. For example, you may find a colleague very miserable and non-cooperative in office, but at home, he is so jovial and absolutely different.

    At times we need to change ourselves depending on the situation but if someone can maintain a unique personality everywhere it is indeed great quality. Changing the characteristic at different situations is like changing a mask. After all the word 'Personality' came from the Greek word 'Persona' meaning Mask. Are we all wearing masks?
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    Yes, we all at wearing a mask as this is a reality we have to do it as per the requirement.

    We have to be rigid with our subordinates to take work from them and the same attitude we cannot apply everywhere as sometimes we have to be polite with the people to take work from them. Every time we cannot be rigid with everyone. We have to wear the mask as per the need.


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    Wearing these masks is a necessity. No one seems to be interested in unmasked people today. We just add embellishments to our personality with these masks. Without these masks we would have no character to speak of. Your personality is what you are to yourself. Your character though is what comes out when you interact with others. Consider the situation like those 19th century Parisian masked dance parties. You need to masks to enter the party. You can dance and socialise as long as you have mask on with anyone. Once the party ends, you are left on your way. You are free to remove your mask then.
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    Some people are plain and simple. They behave with everyone with same tone and manner. But such people are few. Most of the people are changing their colour as per the occasion, which the author has rightly termed as wearing mask.
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    This depends upon the roles and the responsibilities of the person. When you are in a managerial position, your job is to get the work done. All your junior colleagues will not behave in a similar way. Everyone will have their own ways and means of doing the work. Some people will mind their work and go on doing their work irrespective of the person who told him. For such people, we can tell the work in a simple and plain way and in a friendly way.
    But some people will not take things seriously unless otherwise, you tell them strongly and authoritatively. In such case, you may have to use your authority to force the things. Some people will hear you but go on raising some doubt. For such people more supervision is required. Like this, we may have to behave and react differently in different situation. I don't whether we can say we are wearing a mask. Our true nature will be shown always in our houses even though we are changing them in our official duties.

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    When a child is born, he has no such mask on his face. Then he grows up and learns from the parents, school and society he sees that people talk differently and behave differently. They do not mean what they say. There gestures are half open half camouflaged.

    The child is baffled. He does not know what to do. Behave naturally or follow these people. When he turns adult he chooses the same path - he takes a mask and wears it. He has no alternative. He learns from us and from the society.

    Mask is not a choice in the present world, It is a compulsion. Clever people know which mask they have to wear in which situation. People will have different masks when they talk in groups or talk to us alone. Sometimes we do not believe that it is the same person who was talking totally different things and ideologies at another place.

    The bad elements in the society are using these masks to deceive people at large and the gullible people will simply believe them and are duped time to time.

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    A mask is a false face, a sort of disguise. In that sense, I don't think most of us wear masks. What the author suggests is basically a natural trait in most of the cases. Most of us behave differently at different places or occasions and may react differently to a similar situation according to circumstances. And I think that is a requirement when we consider ourselves as social beings. We may laugh (or feign to laugh) at a bad joke by our boss but may express our irritation when the same joke is told by a friend or colleague. Similarly, our reaction to a comment by a close friend may not be the same if it is said by someone who is not very close to us. We may laugh it out if our neighbor passes a mean comment about our appearance or dress but the reaction won't be the same if the same comment is made by our parents or wife. But, I don't think such instances will fall squarely under the definition of the term mask. Wearing masks, I believe, does involve an intended element of deceit, a deliberate attempt to fool others.
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