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    How often do you charge your smartphone battery?

    Both I and my sister have Redmi phones, mine is Redmi 4 and hers is Redmi 4A. I require to charge my phone once in four or five days, whereas her phone's battery is draining very fast and requires charging every second day practically. What could be the reason? Unnecessary apps have been removed, but the problem persists. It was purchased about one and half years ago.

    I was wondering whether any of you have this same issue and need to frequently charge the phone's battery?
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    I have been using a smartphone almost from last 15 years. I used Samsung, Apple, Redmi, Lenovo and others. Presently I am using Lenovo Moto. All these phones once if we charge fully in the morning it will be sufficient for that whole day. That is why my practice is to charge my phone every day in the night. If we use Data more charge consumption will be more. If we use wifi then the charge will come for more time. Again the usage of the phone is another point. Some people make many calls but some may be used for less time. If you use for more calls your charge may come down fast. My wife uses very rarely so she need not charge the phone every day. She will charge it once in two or three days. More Apps usage means more charge consumption.

    But charging the phone every day is not a problem. You need not change the battery. You can continue with the same battery. If it is discharging in 2 or 3 hours even though we are not using then you have to change the battery. Otherwise not required.

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    You charge your phone once in four five days? Are you sure? I charge mine 4-5 times a day! I use my phone a lot. Streaming videos makes battery drop quick. Basically anything you do involving internet will drain your battery more. Without using internet your phone will do just fine. Maybe you can keep it without charging for a day or two. Notifications and background apps keep running behind and force the phone to operate more. Some try to use dark mode apps to reduce screen light to save battery. I personally think that method works. Definitely not the most efficient way to save battery but dark and night modes keep your eyes and battery safer. Redmi is notorious for heating up too. Although new models are far better 4A is one of the worst in case of battery competency. You might like to upgrade to newer note 5 or 6.
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    It depends on the usage of the phone if you use your phone for browsing the internet it consumes battery more. If you talk over the phone for long-time then also it consumes more battery. I have used Motto, honour, Nokia brand phones and battery of my phone lasts for the whole day. I charge my phone to 100% in the night which doesn't finish till night.

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    It depends on three factors:-
    1. Battery capacity:- Battery of Redmi4 is of 4100 mAh and that of Redmi4a is of 3080mAh. So, the batery of Redmi4 is 1.3 times that of Redmi4a . Or, for example, if battery of Redmi4a lasts for three days, then the battery of Redmi4 will last for four days approximately, provided the usage of phone is same.
    2. Battery life- Every battery has a charging cycle, like 1000 or 2000 times. So, with period of time and with every charging of a battery, the battery keeps on getting weaker. Maybe the battery of Redmi4a is older than the battery of Redmi4. Or, the battery of Redmi4a has been charged more times than the battery of Redmi4. So, the battery of Redmi4a might have become weak.
    3. Usage- the more one uses his/her phone, the more it consumes the battery. Maybe, the usage of Redmi4a is more than Redmi4, so it might be consuming more battery power than Redmi4.

    I use phone for various purposes on a daily basis, so my phone battery does not long enough despite of it being a 3-month old phone. So, i need to charge my phone on almost daily basis.

    Hope it helps!

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    I don't browse the Net via my phone that much. I watch a couple of YouTube movie trailers once in a while in the evenings only and check WhatsApp messages, that's all. Maybe that's why my phone's battery does not get drained so easily. My sister checks out mostly news via her phone, not videos. Does using mobile data consume more power as opposed to using our Wi-Fi?
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    Using wi-fi consumes more battery than using mobile data.
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    Using wifi consumes more power than mobile data. Also may be your phone's battery not working well.

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    I feel mobile data creates a drainage in battery faster than Wifi. From my experience.
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    I agree with Aditya. My experience also says that when we use data battery will discharge fast whereas when we use wifi battery discharges slowly. I have observed this fact many times.
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    I am using a Lava phone. I always ensure to keep the battery charge level above 50 percent, and never allow it to go below 50 percent. Every night I regularly put it on charge to have it 100 percent in the morning. To me, the charge remains for 3 full days if I don't use it for browsing. If I use it for browsing, the charge remains for about 30 to 40 hours.
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    More we use our phone especially in videos or loud audios or hotspot or bluetooth mode more battery will be consumed. Even using speaker on while talking will consume more battery.

    Most of the people are charging their batteries once a day. It is very common. Another point is one battery may differ from another (even same type) in its performance as due to mass production and technical reasons some pieces in a lot may not give same performance as other. It may look strange but true that some pieces in a lot of any electrical or electronic items never perform same as their counterpart pieces. What I mean to say is out of 1000 pieces it is very likely that 20-30 pieces may not give good service as compared to the remaining 970-980 pieces.

    Some companies may claim 6-sigma in their manufacturing and claim 100% but it rarely happens so. The companies like Apple or similar may reach a level of 97-98%. They will check the component (like battery) beforehand and reject it and not put in the gadget.

    If the battery is draining out fast then in all probabilities the battery is not good. It is a rare possibility that the phone piece itself is bad and drawing more current from the good battery appearing as if the battery is bad.

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    My sister is considering purchasing a new battery for the Redmi 4A during the upcoming Amazon sale. Since smartphone batteries are pretty expensive, is it worth buying? Would she be able to get a proper one, meaning an original, and not a fake? Have any of you bought a smartphone battery online (from Amazon or Flipkart) or at a store? Any input and suggestions would be welcome.
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    In my case I am charging everyday, as soon as I get up in the morning. It is because I am using the mobile during the night, generally. My set is Samsung.
    On certain days when I am on tour or I am otherwise busy, the battery charge may last for about two days.


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    Earlier I used to have Nokia phones. Nokia Phone batteries were/are very good and I used to charge once in three days. But now, I have been using phone of other company. I use the wi-fi only for 30 minutes or so in my mobile. But, I have to charge it once everyday.

    My wife and my daughter are using wi-fi almost 12 to 15 hours everyday. They have to charge their Samsung phone and Redmi phones much more frequently.

    I thank Gypsy for the excellent and logical explanation, which has cleared my doubts on this issue.

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    Your sister's phone battery is neither faulty nor weak. Generally people recharge a phone battery on a daily basis.

    When your sister's phone's battery is lasting one full day during normal use, then what is the need of buying a new battery? She can recharge it when she comes back home.

    99.99% batteries sold on e-commerce portals are not genuine. So, one should buy replacement batteries either from company's own websites or from company's brick-and-mortar showrooms. Instead of buying battery for Redmi 4A from e-commerce portals for Rs 599 (Amazon), it is advisable to buy it from MI's website for 800 + GST. That way one is sure of it's genuineness.

    Now, if one thinks that his/her phone's battery is not likely to last a full day due to heavy usage on a particular day, then one can buy a powerbank for around 1500. The powerbank can be used to charge a battery while commuting or while talking also. It can be used with all kind of phones.

    By the way, now that your sister's book - Flying with Grandpa -is doing well, she can pamper herself with a new phone maybe!

    @ Sun, you are not using your phone's battery optimally. Present day batteries need (almost) full discharging to (almost) full recharging ideally. So, by not allowing your phone battery to discharge below 50%, you are damaging your battery. You should read my response #656637 in this thread to get an idea about a battery's life.

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    The battery - life of a smart - phone does not last beyond 1000 cycle or 1500 cycle depending upon the quality of the battery. It means the average life of the battery of the smart - phone is roughly 3.5 to 4.0 year. If viewing internet regularly for a hour or two or engaging for calls for an average of 15 minutes with 5 clients cannot drain the battery beyond 60 percent.
    However, it is best to charge the battery of the smart phone once it dips to almost to zero charge and then it should be connected to charger for achieving 100 percent charge. Such adherence of practice will enhance the span of battery - life.

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