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    Best wishes on Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Pongal and Magh Bihu

    In front of my residence, the ladies of the locality (including my wife) and the children are celebrating Lohri with the bonfire, music, popcorn and groundnuts. Delhi and entire North India are bidding goodbye to the winter. Tomorrow, Bengal will be celebrating Makar Sankranti. Gangasagar Snan is the major event on Makar Sankranti. Day after tomorrow, the Tamils and Malayalis will celebrate Pongal. After that, our Assamese brethren will celebrate Magh Bihu with sweets, songs and dance. In Delhi, we are fortunate to see the assimilation of the culture of all parts of the country.

    Feeling very proud that I have been invited to all the above festivals by my friends from all over India and presently working in Delhi.

    Wishing all Members of ISC the very best!
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    Not only Bengal Makar Sankranti is celebrated in North India too and a holy dip in the Ganges is taken by the people. My family celebrates it. We don't go for the holy dip as Ganga is far away from our place but my wife donates things on this festival. In our neighbourhood too people are celebrating Lohri with great joy.

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    In A.P. and Telangana we celebrate 'Bhogi' tomorrow. Early in the morning people keep a big fire in front of their houses to drive away the cold. People take head bath and wear new clothes. Pongal will be prepared with new rice. Evening small children will be celebrated with 'Bhogi Pandlu' in the presence of ladies gathering. On this occasion, elderly persons bless small children by keeping Regu fruits, Bengal grams, and paise. On 15 the of this month we celebrate the main festival Sankranthi. On this day, we share our joy with relatives, near and dear with a heavy dinner. On 16 th farmers decorate their Ox and Oxen which help in their farming. On this day in villages, Bullock Cart races and Cock's fight will be conducted to enjoy the day. I wish everyone who celebrates Pongal, Makara Sankranthi, and Kanuma in whatever form they celebrate.

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    Belated Lohri greetings and best wishes to all at ISC on Makar Sankranti, Pongal and Magh Bihu!

    Partha, Pongal is basically celebrated by Tamilians across the world and is not an important festival as far as Malayalis are concerned.

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    During this time of the year that is Makar Sankranti some sort of festival is observed in most of the parts of our country in one form or other. This is an important day as per Hindu mythology.

    Astronomically speaking, this day has a significance as the Sun starts its apparent Northern journey on this day. As is written in our scriptures, this is known as Uttarayan - which means moving towards North. In fact the Sun enters the Capricorn sign (Makar Rashi) on this day. The another important Sankranti is Karka Sankranti when the Sun enters Karka Rashi and starts its apparent shifting to Southern direction known as Dakshinayan.

    So our festivals are connected with the celestial movements which were studied in great details by our forefathers. On this occasion I also wish all the members a happy Sankranti, Pongal and Bihu and pray the almighty for their prosperous life.

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    In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, this Makar Sankranti is being celebrated in a grand way. The farmers will get the crops to their houses and they will be having good money in their hands. All the children with their families will go to native places and spend their time there happily. The Villages will have a new look these three days.
    All the city roads in Hyderabad will look vacant as many of the people will leave to their native places to enjoy the festival. The offices and all the establishments will be closed on the Sankranthi day.
    New sons in-laws will be going to their in -law's village and they will be treated very well with many traditional sweets, special foods and new clothes. This is a very important festival more in Andhra Pradesh whereas Vijaya Dasami in Telangana is important.

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    This day brings out the fact that India is not culturally divided. Pongal, Makar Sankranthi, Lohri and Magh Bigu are the same festival celebrated on the same day, and related to farmers of different states who provide us food. It is the day the praise our farmers and enjoy the festival. In Tamil, we call it "Uzhavar Thirunaal"(Farmers' festival day), and also Tamil New Year Day.

    My best wishes to all my friendly members of ISC family a very Happy Pongal.

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    I wish all the members a very happy Makar Sankranti. This is a great festival and in some part of the country this day is celebrated by flying kites and having fun throughout the day. All the best to all those who are celebrating.
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    From this thread, I have come to know about Bhogi, Uzhavar Thirunaal and the custom in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana of visiting in-laws' place by the new son-in-law (something similar to Jamai-shashthi in Bengal). Thanks to the Members for the information.
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