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    Do you read poetry also?

    Reading is a hobby for almost all of us and for some it is a passion. But how many of us read poetry and enjoy reading it? Why many of us choose prose over poetry? Let us share our experiences and views in this regard in this thread.

    Reading is a good hobby. This is not only a proved way of increasing one's knowledge but also a great utilization of one's spare time. I also have an interest in reading and I believe that books are our greatest friends. In this context, I want to mention that my readings are limited to prose only. I have not read poetries barring a few of them.

    Poetry is supposed to be the deeper side of literature but they did not attract my interest and attention. What is your experience? Do you have reading habits and do you like to read poetry also?
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    Remembering a poem is easy than prose. But understanding prose is easier than poetry. Writing poetry is difficult but writing prose is a little simple. The higher the vocabulary you have, the better will be the understanding. so if somebody wants to write poetry they should know the grammar part and should have a good vocabulary. One should know different words with the same meaning.
    I like poetry more in my native language. I read many books in my mother tongue. I read prose also but I prefer reading poetry. I will keep a dictionary with me when I am reading the poetry so that any new words which I don't understand can be referred there.

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    Poems and articles are two forms of presentation of ideas of a writer in any language. There is no meaning in comparing these two literary forms and saying one is superior to the other. Poetry can be easily remembered by getting by heart. At the same time prose cannot be completely remembered. Only the ideas covered in the essay can be remembered.
    Personally, I like to read poems. Certain poems get by heart very easily and could reproduce if necessary. In fact writing a poetry in earlier days was not so easy. Only those who are getting apt words in the correct position the lines become a poem. For example there is a literary rule called 'dvitheeyakshara prasam' (the second letter in all the four lines will be the same). This automatically gives a rhythm while rendering the poem. This means only a person who knows different words giving the same meaning can only write a good poem. Essays can be written if the subject is known to the writer.
    I have written some simple Poems, but I, myself will not consider them as poems in the strict sense. But those were written only to convey certain ideas. However, I read poems and try to understand them.


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    I read poetry, even now. But, only Bengali poetry. With my very poor knowledge of Hindi, English or Assamese, it would be very difficult for me to understand the poetic devices used in these languages, particularly of the modern poems. So, nowadays, I have confined myself in reading Bengali poems only.
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    I like poetry, not English but Tamil. To be a good poet, one should be master of that language and the vocabulary. As English is a foreign language, I am not interested in English poems. I do write my own poems in Tamil.
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    I have interests in reading but I have read only a few poems. We had poems in Hindi and English in our school syllabus but at that time we were not so attentive to understand them much. Later I tried to read some English poems but the interest was short lived though I continued to read Hindi poems and that part is still continuing.

    I have tried to write a few poems in Hindi and presented them in the local Kavi Sammelan. Some poems have very deep impact on us especially when they are sung in melodious tunes. Whenever I get time and opportunity I attend the Hindi Kavi Sammelan and enjoy the poems of the Hindi poets.

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    I have little interest in reading but i dont like poetry as they have deep meaning and one has to read it many times to get the meaning what the poet wants to say.

    I have read poems in school time only and nowadays whenever i see some poems I leave them rather stressing myself.


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    From the responses obtained for my post I am inclined to observe that most of the people are confined to poetry only in their own language like Hindi or Telugu or Tamil etc and a very few of us might be interested in English poetry.

    I do not know how far I am correct in my observation.

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    True Neeru. I love reading novels but poetry never caught my attention. But I can't completely deny touch with poetry because I write poems myself. I use an app called YourQuote, on which amatuer writers write poetry. Those poems are really good. I read them daily.
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    I like to read poetry, but do not read them much. It is restricted to reading them when published in some magazines or online contents, but I do not take up the book containing only poetry. I like the rhythm of the poetry and have written only a few, but when it comes to reading I do not take up a book of poetry as the first choice.

    I remember, during my school days in every standard, there were one or two poetries of a famous Bengali writer. The wordings were too tough and it was really difficult for me to understand the inner meanings of these poetries. Every time I used to leave that poetry as it is and in exams couldn't answer the questions related to it till the time of the board exams. I think the poetries of that famous writer was a bit easier during the higher classes which helped me to read and understand them when I prepared for my board exams. In general, I like poetries very much because it conveys the meaning in concise in a rhythmic and wonderful way.


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    I like to read poetry though it may not be my first choice. The reason is similar to what many have stated above. It is not easy to understand poetry. Poetry is more concentrated and imaginative than prose. You cannot read through it with the same ease as you do with prose. It is more demanding but is at the same time, more satisfying. But the best thing I like about poetry is that it is more open to interpretation. One needs to have an imaginative mind if he has to enjoy reading poetry. Our interpretation may not be in sync with the idea of the author but that does not actually matter if we are able to connect the dots by understanding the direct indications and the symbolic ones and arrive at a plausible and logical conclusion.
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    Yaa i like to read books and nowels.

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