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    Incredible India: Gangaram, the crocodile, got hero's farewell

    Bawa Mohtara village, Bemetra District, Chattisgarh. The entire village assembled to bid farewell to the deceased friend. Their friend named Gangaram was very popular across the village and nearby areas. The villagers even regarded him as their protector. No, Gangaram was not a human being. Neither was he a domestic animal like a dog, cat or cow. Gangaram was a crocodile.

    After his death, the crocodile was given a hero's farewell. He had been living in the village's pond since a time when the participants in his funeral were not even born. His age was around 130 years.

    Despite living in the village's pond, where most of the residents used to take their bath, Gangaram never disturbed any villager. The headman of the village stated that the crocodile never harmed anyone even when they swam near him. He was very fond of children. According to the villagers, Gangaram used to eat only what he was given food by them.

    After his death, many villagers had been seen crying in grief. He was cremated by the villagers with the permission of the Forest Department. The villagers are even planning to construct a temple in his memory.

    Incredible crocodile. Incredible villagers. Incredible India!
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    In this Kaliyug, the great Gangaram could be a deity in the form of a crocodile. God has many Avatars. This could be another Avathar of some God. The name Ganga Ram suggests that He is from the Vishnu family. Let us record it.
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    Yes. We hear incidents like that. originally dangerous animals will behave friendly sometime. The villagers treat them as God only and worship that animal. Recently in AP in a village, a Snake was coming to a temple daily and it is just going to the main idol and spend some time there and then again going back. The villagers started treating that snake as a God only. Unfortunately, that snake died. The villagers felt a lot for the demise of the snake. They are planning to construct a temple for that snake in that village. Already there are similar incidents in a nearby village where they have constructed a temple and the snake was daily coming. This was happening continuously. The snake died but the temple is still there and people are going to have a darshan of the same.
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    There are such rare cases when an animal behaves entirely in an opposite fashion. That is the reason why people are attached to him. I have seen a bitch allowing the abandoned cat kittens to drink her milk.

    If a particular animal out of the lot is not as aggressive as the others of its clan then it is definitely a matter of surprise and curiosity and the people in the vicinity start treating it as the incarnation of God.

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    This happens sometimes animals too have different behaviour compared to their species which becomes a wonder for the people.

    Recently i was watching a video where a lioness chases a lamb but she doesn't kill it and starts playing with him. This was a surprise because carnivorous animals normally kill other animals for their food but in this case, she doesn't.

    Similarly, Gangaram was having a different behaviour and didn't harm any villagers that's why worshipped by them.


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    It is really incredible that a crocodile is not harming anyone and behaving like a pet in the local pond.

    Generally they are very aggressive and will come on the banks also to pull their prey.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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