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    How would you rate the Indian voters from your experience?

    Do you feel that the Indian voters can easily be influenced with some freebies? Possibly this could be one of the finest facts that the politicians do understand and that's why the voters are exploited extensively during the elections and then they are left to their circumstances till the next election.

    In addition, we all suffer from the "short term memory losses" and even if more relevant points are listed we are too self-centered to think on the national perspective. All this shows the extreme narrowmindedness of the voters with the incapability of understanding the overall perspective of any of the political parties. If we continue to live with such mentalities then for sure we will have little options left to celebrate.

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    Indian public can be cheated easily. That was the reason why the Britishers ruled us effectively as slaves. The mentality or mindset of Indians has not changed even after many decades of independence. A single quarter and a packet of Biriyani does the magic to get the votes. God only knows when we will think wisely.

    Once, we were slaves to the British, and now we are slaves to our own Indian politicians.

    Jai Hind.

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    I would like the author to please clarify whether he is blaming the voters or the political parties.

    I am sure that most of the voters look at elections in the national perspective when the election is to the Lok Sabha and it is state-centric when the elections are to the assemblies. What is wrong with that? The political parties do engage in all sort of games and tricks as an election appears on the horizon because they know that the electorate in India, despite their political affiliations, are flexible to a great extent (except for the hard-core party cadres) and can be influenced and kept guessing till they enter the polling booth. It is the master-stroke that can catch the mind of the people just before they exercise their franchise that matters and the competition between parties is to see who will ensure that master-stroke.

    Let us remind ourselves that the electorate in India has changed a lot and we do no longer forget the promises made by parties before elections so easily. And that is a good sign as far as democracy is concerned.

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    Indian voters are still not mature. They don't bother about long-term development. They are more concerned about very short-term temporary gain. That is the reason behind the selling of votes in exchange of a sari, a bottle of country liquor or a blanket before various elections.
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    It's good to observe about the different promises that a political party make before elections & if we list even some of those than perhaps the doubts would be cleared about the perspective of a voters. It's not that much complicated to drive with the conclusion than.

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    Indian voters will definitely be attracted by free sops that are coming from outside. It is this mentality of the people, which is making others to exploit them. If a shop announces buy one and get one free offer, we will see a mad rush there. Similarly in the elections also sone party offers free sops to them they will go for voting them. Earlier days people are taking money for voting from one party and they are voting for that party only. But these people are accepting money from all parties and finally, they are voting to whomever they like. There are no hardcore affiliations to these people with any party. I will say that the importance of the vote is not well known to many of the voters. One year before the elections the party in power announces some subsidies and loan waivers the people will definitely go with them only. The voters are more concerned about their selfish gains and how to get free money is the only thinking they have.
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    All the voters are not like that. It is true that some of them are attracted to freebies and give their votes in lieu of that.

    Many voters are disillusioned. They do not know whom to vote as they are not seeing a good governance even after 70 years of freedom from the Britishers.

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    I would rate the Indian voters 8 on a scale of 10. There are many reasons for that.

    1. If we look at the statistics of the votes cast during any elections, in most of the cases it is found that the voter turnout is more than 60%. This shows that many are aware of their democratic rights and there is an increase in the trend.
    2. They question the inefficiency of the politicians when given a chance and if you look at the response on Twitter, you will find how they react to any controversial comments made by the politicians.
    3. If you talk to people regarding the nature of the politicians, it will be found that there is widespread dissatisfaction about their activities. By this, it is understood that people are well informed about their regular activities.

    The main drawback of the voters are, a large section of people, especially in rural areas, are poor and because of many factors, they cannot make a wise decision. They can be easily lured through money and that's why every political party dole out something useful to them thinking of getting their support in the EVMs. Though, we see some change in the pattern and hope those people will make the informed decision while casting their votes in future.


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