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    Will our present Smart Phones work with 5G Technology in future?

    At present most of us using Smartphones with 4G speed technology. Reliance, Airtel, Idea Telecom companies are providing with 4G speed for our Smartphones. There is a talk that in 2019 the 5G Technology entering into Telecommunication field. Already USA, Japan Australia, Europe like countries also preparing themselves to 5G Technology. We are hearing the news even in India Reliance is preparing itself to provide 5G speed to its customers. Then our present Smartphones which work on 4G will work for 5G Technology or we have to change our Smartphones to this speed. Knowledgeable members will throw some light on this issue.
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    If the smartphone you are using now is capable to handle 5G networks then your present smartphone will be enough to enjoy all the facilities of the 5G network. But if it is only a 4G handset, then you have to purchase a new 5G handset to enjoy the enhanced network speed and all other features.

    A 5G SIM can be used in a 4G handset but will work in the 4G network only. In India, all the telecom operators have rolled out the 4G network and one can use that 4G SIM in her/his 3G handset. The difference will be the speed in data communications as the communication protocols of the higher generation (4G, 5G) networks are not supported by previous generation handsets.


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    The present smartphones we are using are not useful and will not work with 5G technology. We may have to go for the new generation phones which will work with 5G sim cards. But recently I read somewhere that 5G sim cards will work with 4G phones also by a little modification. This year these 5G phones are expected to get released in the market. Almost all cell manufacturers are doing some experimentation to come out smartphones useful for 5G technology. But we need not worry immediately. It will take minimum 6 months to get the full-fledged 5G network. By that smartphone compatible with 5G will be in the market.
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    The simple answer to the question is 'No'. The present generation of smartphones won't be able to support 5G.
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