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    Just think and post your well-thought answers.

    Suppose that you are asked to direct a film on "Mahabharata". You are free to choose the celebrity actors from Bollywood or from any regional cine fields.

    Whom will you choose to play the following character roles?

    1. Bhisma
    2. Yudhistra
    3. Bhima
    4. Arjuna
    5. Duryodhana
    6. Sakuni
    7. Krishna
    8. Draupathy
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    I have not much experience of regional films but I can think some actors/ actess from the Bollywood. Suggestions are as follows -
    1. Bhisma --- Amitabh Bachchan.
    2. Yudhistra --- Ajay Devagan.
    3. Bhima --- Govinda.
    4. Arjuna --- Ranbir Kapoor.
    5. Duryodhana --- Boman Irani.
    6. Sakuni --- Gulsan Grover.
    7. Krishna --- Akshay Kumar.
    8. Draupathy --- Vidya Sinha.

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    I would like to have actors for the mentioned characters as below:

    1. Bhisma - Amitabh Bachan
    2. Yudhistra - Ajay Devgan
    3. Bhima - Salman Khan
    4. Arjuna - Akshay Kumar
    5. Duryodhana - Ranvir Singh
    6. Sakuni - Paresh Rawal
    7. Krishna - Amir Khan
    8. Draupathy - Kareena Kapoor.


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    I will suggest the names from Telugu film Industry.
    1. Bhishma: Balakrishna
    2. Yudhistra: Daggubati Rana
    3.Bhima: Kalyan Ram
    4.Arjuna: Praghas
    5.Duryodhana: Junior NTR
    6.Sakuni: Naresh
    7.Krishna: Jr. NTR
    8. Draypathy: Anushka.

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    I did not notice this thread earlier. However, I am chosing actors from the Hindi film industry. My choice is given below:-

    1. Bhishma: Amitabh Bachchan
    2. Yudhishthira: Dharmendra
    3. Bhim: Sonu Sood
    4. Arjun: Ranvir Singh
    5. Duryodhana: Emraan Hashmi
    6. Sakuni: Irrfan Khan/Manoj Vajpayee
    7. Krishna: Ranbir Kapoor
    8. Draupadi: Priyanka Chopra

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    This is an interesting post. I will be going with the following scheme.
    1. Bhisma --- Anupam Kher.
    2. Yudhistra --- Akshay Kumar.
    3. Bhima --- Ajay Devagan.
    4. Arjuna --- Ranbir Singh.
    5. Duryodhana --- Gulsan Grover.
    6. Sakuni --- Johny Lever.
    7. Krishna --- Amir Khan.
    8. Draupathy --- Deepika Padukone.

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    Aren't you very fond of Mahabharata.
    1. Bhishma is an obvious choice. Big B is the Pitamah of Bollywood. In thugs of Hindustan you can finally see how good he would look in war costumes and armors.
    2. Yudistir should be Kamal Hassan. Not the most honest fellow I know but I think this character suits him well.
    3. Bhima would be Salman Khan haha. I always wanted Bheem to be fit, not fat.
    4. Arjuna, i have to despisingly say, must be Sharuk Khan. He is required to be very romantic and SRK is the synonym of romance.
    5. Duryodhan is Sonu Sood simply because Salman is Bhima.
    6. Sakuni, I think eveyone would agree, none other than Nawazuddin Siddiqui.
    7. And I can think of no one else as Krishna other than Akshay Kumar.
    8. Draupadhy should be a jaw dropping beauty, so she would be Katrina Kaif.

    I really like the cast I formed right here and want to see the movie.

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    I recommend the following actors from Tamil cine field to play the Mahabharatha character roles.

    1. Bhisma --- RajniKanth
    2. Yudhistra --- Napolean
    3. Bhima --- Kamalahasan
    4. Arjuna --- Surya
    5. Duryodhana --- Prakash Raj
    6. Sakuni --- Vivek
    7. Krishna ---Vikram
    8. Draupathy -- Jyothika

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    I am just limiting to Malayalam actors. I think the following selections may be ok. Of course, other options may be there. Just a trial.
    Bhishma --- Nedumudi Venu.
    Yudhishtira --- Mammutty
    Bhieema --- Mohanlal
    Arjuna --- Nivin Pauly
    Duryodhana --- Prithwi raj
    Sakuni --- Srinivasan
    Krishna --- Unni Mukundan
    Draupathy --- Manju varrier.

    These are just a random selection, at the same time based on my own personal thinking.


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    If I'll be the casting director for movie Mahabharat, the following would be my cast:
    1. Bhisma: Mithun Chakroborthy
    2. Yudhistra: Rakkumar Rao
    3. Bhima: Prabhas
    4. Arjuna: Vicky Kaushal
    5. Duryodhana: Rana Daggubati
    6. Sakuni: Pankaj Tripathi
    7. Krishna: Aamir Khan
    8. Draupathy: Deepika Padukone

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