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    Are our Indian Scientists thinking rationally or their thoughts are clouded by political influence?

    In the recent Science Congress Summit, some of our progressive scientists proposed their scientific thoughts on the bigger stage which exposed their and our country's incompetence in the field of science. One of the scientists Mr.Nageswara Rao narrated Kaurava's of Mahabharath are Test tube babies and there is no scientific background to support his hypothesis. Similarly, another Indian Scientist proposed that Ravana in Ramayana has 24 guided missiles. Another scientist in his speech reiterated the theories proposed by Sir Issac Newton's and Sir Albert Einstein's laws are completely wrong and should be replaced with new Laws. In reply to this laughing proposals, another foreign Scientist in his speech told if it is true we have to change our Physics Textbooks in our education. The said Indian scientist also mentioned the wave theory related to Gravity proposed by him will be named as 'Narendra Modi Waves'. Another Scientist from Punjab mentioned he is working on Dinosaurs from the last 25 years and he mentioned that in Vedas there is a mention of that Brahma created Dinosaurs. Are our scientists really moving towards progress or getting trapped in a religious tangle or deeply influenced by a political cult?

    Please go through from the following link to know about the speeches given by Indian Scientists at the big stage:-1.
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    Scientific developments require a conducive environment where scientists are free to work and are encouraged and motivated to do their work in best of the professional ways. This needs support from the Govt. as well as cooperation from the peer groups. Simply condemning a theory being followed today is not in line with the scientific temperament.

    Science is the search of truth and with solid experimental grounds we can refute the existing theories. Just quoting our scriptures and mythology will not be helpful in this matter and unnecessarily such scientists will be ridiculed if they do that mistake.

    Our scientists are capable of doing research and progressive work in the scientific arena and our space research program is a testimony of that. Only thing is we should give them facility and have faith in them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Were the scientists telling these things while joking among themselves? After going through this thread it seems they were not at all serious. I am really amazed, as the scientists couldn't substantiate their claims with concrete proofs. When you are a scientist you have to prove things based upon facts and when somebody is saying that Newton's and Einstein's laws are wrong without any basis then I would say those views are not scientific in any way.

    The term 'Narendra Modi Vibrations' is really something to be worried about and from this particular term, it is understood that the proposer's thought process has a great political influence. Everywhere the scientists work for the development and if their thought process is guided by any political process, it is highly unacceptable and will remain nonprogressive.


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    Some scientists are trying to bring our past mythological glory in the present science but that does not appear the pursuit of science. I think we should refrain from those things and concentrate in the work in hand. Countries line US, Russia, China and some others are concentrating in the scientific developments and are being benefited by it.

    We should also follow that lead as we have a large chunk of sincere scientists.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Nowadays researches are being held on many new subjects. A new city has been found under the Arabian Sea which some people (including scientists and historians) think that that was ancient Dwarka. Research has found that Sushruta, the great surgeon, performed operations with Ayurvedic anaesthesia. He used to make surgery instruments from bamboos. In ancient days, many complicated diseases were cured by the medicines prepared from medicinal herbs and plants. Many scientists believe that in the age of Mahabharata, atom bomb (Brahmastra) was known. Incidentally, the concept of the atom was first propounded by Kanad, an Indian sage.

    So, there may be some truth in the theories propagated by some scientists and are ridiculed by liberals. More research is required. Ridicule won't serve the purpose of liberals.

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    These two guys were already in the news earlier too for making such irrational and absurd claims and so, I think, it is the intention of the organizers behind inviting these guys to address the Children's (emphasis on Children's) Science Congress that is to be doubted. Just check out the qualification and background of these two so-called scientists and your doubts will be doubled.

    We have now reached a stage where anyone can say anything, however irrational or foolish it may be, and it will be accepted as long as it is in line with the Hindutva policy. And you will be immediately branded as a liberal or anti-national if you speak anything against the ideology that is attempted to be established, even if what you say is rational and logical.

    However, we need not lose all hope because the science community in India comprising established and reputed scientists have come out strongly against such claims.

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    We always try to compare technology and techniques of present with past. Comparing Hanuman to a pilot, Pushpakviman to an airbus and etc serve as nice satires and jokes but we know are entirely new to us. Even the most destructive military leaders of past, held regard to priced possessions of the people they invaded. It is basic human common sense to conserve and preserve unique technology. If what these overly enthusiastic scientists claim is true to even a fraction, we would have found fragments of such technology. Faith and field must not be mixed up. Opinions should not be offered as facts.
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    In the field of Science whatever we talk is to be proved with some logic or some theory. Otherwise, based on our experience we may have to bring out a new theory.
    The statements made by these two Scientists may be true or may not be true. But if they want others to accept their proposals they have to come out with their own proofs.
    All the present-day developments were there in Puranas and Vedas, is a strong belief. As a common man if I say this nobody will object. They may accept or they may laugh at us. It will not matter.
    But when they are proposing in a conference they might have brought the reference from Vedas where these were mentioned. In the absence of those proofs, we should not do it in a scientific community gathering.
    Let them make paper with all references and proofs and then propose.

    always confident

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