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    If BJP committed to corruption free rule why can't they establish Lokpal?

    BJP advertising itself as a corruption-free party and committed to corruption-free rule. In UPA regime it demanded the establishment of Lokpal which eradicate political and official corruption in governance. The PM and his council of ministers also come into its preview. Supreme Court also many times warned the government about the urgency of establishing Lokpal but BJP government leaving this issue aside thinking that no one is seeing them. When you are considering Mr.Mallikharjun Kharge as the Leader of the Opposition (LOP) for the Statutory committee to decide the fate of CBI officer Mr. Alok Verma, Why BJP showing that there is LOP is not there to constitute Lokpal? By this do you think on moral grounds BJP is a party committed for corruption free politics?
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    Even the LOKPAL would also be consisting of the human beings like us & therefore in a way would also be biased in some sort or the other but considering the dissatisfaction of the President of the Congress Party after Rafale verdict by the SC, this wouldn't make any sense to its existence. If I could remind the author of the fact that the President & the Vice-President of the Congress party are on bail & till the time this all gets settled the LOKPAL has no meaning because in some way they too would be involved in influencing the decisions.

    Onto your query of that, "do you think on moral grounds BJP is a party committed for corruption free politics?", it would be good enough for us to know that the opposition parties including the Congress party don't have anything with concrete evidences to charge the current BJP government corrupted.

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    Here If's and not's, this party or not that party is the question to build a concrete platform to see the corruption free society and democracy. If BJP government is for corruption free politics why they are fearing and stepping back in creating an environment which fulfills their wishes?

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    The Lokpal Bill was first brought in 1963 by LM Sanghvi (father of Congress leader Abhishek Manu Sanghvi). However, the Bill was finally passed by the end of 2013. The Bill was hastily drafted. As for example, I, as a Government servant, was asked to give details of the number of yachts, aeroplanes and ship possessed by myself, my wife and by my daughter. Such provisions made it a matter of ridicule in the circle of Government officers. The present Government amended such ridiculous provisions in 2016. As per the amemndement, the spouse and children are no longer required to give details of their property. This practical amendment has again caused some opposition. The opposition parties alleged that the Government is intentionally diluting the provision of the original bill.

    Due to such controversies, the Bill has not been fully enacted. I feel that the Bill was passed after 50 long years of the initial proposal. So, we can wait another 5 years or less for improvement of the Bill and appointment of Lokpal.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    There may be some delays in doing this due to the problems existing in the bills. So the Lokpal bill has not been formed so far as explained in#656732.
    Whether the bill is passed or not, one thing is sure that the present government is not involved in corruption charges and nothing is proved against them. If Lokpal comes also there is no problem for the present ministers including PM. But in the case of other party leaders, I am not sure. Many people are facing corruption charges. They may be feeling happy now as this bill has not been finalised.
    The opposition leaders talking about corruption is very funny. There are people who corrupted in those parties only.

    always confident

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    We can not asses a party by one single deed. If they have done hundred good things they can slip a few here and there but they will come with it soon and may be with a better alternative. Let us have faith in the good governance.

    There are many achievements of the present ruling party but there are still issues which are to be resolved by this Govt. and that is only possible when they get another chance to govern.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I have clearly indicated in my last response giving details about the Bill which was passed after 50 long years. This Bill needs correction (amendment). So, it is taking some more time.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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