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    Thread of the Week Contest Awards- 06th to 12th Jan '19- Winners!

    Now it is time to announce the winners of the Thread of the Week contest for the week 06th to 12th January '19. It must be said that we had quite a good number of interesting threads dealing with varied topics during the week and the forum section appears to have woken up after the festival break. We hope our members will maintain the tempo and keep posting threads on different topics that would generate some quality and interesting discussion.

    A point we would like to mention in this connection is that we could get to see some really good titles and subjects but the same appeared to lose its charm as we started reading the content because they were not dealt with in the desired manner by some of our members. Coming up with a nice topic is not actually sufficient; one must be able to convey his thoughts interestingly and convincingly. Such an effort, we believe, will surely help in enriching this vibrant section more.

    We would also like to remind our members once again to kindly take care about your spelling and grammar and also try to be descriptive enough (not very long as some others though) with the threads you conceive and present. Let us not be in a hurry. Let us respect the process of writing which is not that easy if we are really serious about it.

    Members are also requested to post responses to threads that call for some serious thoughts so that authors who come up with such threads do not feel discouraged.

    The Winner of the TOW award for the week is Umesh for his thread Teachers open the door but you must enter yourself. The role of teachers in a student's life is limited to preparing the ground for his future but then it is he who has to actually play.

    It has been decided to award Special Prizes to the following-
    1. Vij for his thread Do few moments of sourness in relationships make it sweeter which talks about the importance of the small quarrels in life that helps in enhancing the sweetness once the issue is amicably sorted out.

    2. Sanjeev Gupta for the thread Do you feel that problems are opportunities which calls for a discussion whether one should see problems as hurdles or should take them as challenges and move ahead by solving them. The thread basically deals with how one's attitude can change the way he looks at issues.

    3. Sankalan Bhattacharya for his thread Do you have a regret which deals with the question whether we should allow ourselves to be held back by some unfortunate or untoward incidents or decisions in the past.

    4. SuN for the thread Is it right to throw off our food plate in an angry mood which may appear to be a casual question but has a deeper meaning when we connect it to the importance of food and the need for the same to be respected.

    5. Iti Tyagi for her thread Does a good education guarantees a better career. It is a very pertinent question being asked. Can just good education or higher qualification ensure a better career? This is a thread which forces us to go beyond the general concept, especially in the present day context.

    The winner of the TOW award will receive Rs 60/- and 60 points and the Special Prize winners will receive Rs 40/- and 40 points each.

    Friends, please join me in congratulating the winners!

    (A request to those who have started reading this thread from the winners' list, please spare some time to go through the points projected before that.)
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    It is to congratulate the winner of the thread of the week. I congratulate the special prize winners also. I hope the winners will continue their good work and win many more such awards in the coming days.
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    Congrats to all the prize winners. Hope to see them starting good threads and winning more awards in future too. Also, I am thankful to ISC for choosing my thread for the special prize.

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    Congratulations to all the award-winners for their thought-provoking threads. All the award-winning threads are of very high quality. Many more such prizes await the authors of these threads.
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    I thank for my award and at the same time congratulate other winners also for their respective awards in this TOW.
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    My congratulations to the winner of the TOW award and also my co-winners of the special prize. All the threads are thought-provoking and the forum section is really vibrant with such interesting threads.

    I thank Saji Sir for pointing out the few flaws regarding the choice of title and the contents of the threads and we must be aware of them while posting the threads. While the spelling and grammar are always important for any write-up, the content is actually to convey some message matching with the title of the thread.

    My best wishes to all the other members for their unique threads and hope this section will become more exciting in the coming days.


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    The weekly contest of TOW is always very exciting and we wait for the announcement of the awards eagerly. Now the names of winners of this particular TOW are announced and there are many prizes given.

    I congratulate all the winners for their outstanding contributions and hope they will continue their good work.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It's time to congratulate all the winners of, Thread of the week contest. Hearty congratulations to all of you. Interesting topics always make for a great discussion and share each other's viewpoints.

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    Congratulations to each of the winners of TOW. Let us expect more such posts from them.

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    The cash rewards and points to the winners have been credited.
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    Congratulations to the TOW contest winner and special prize winners. I hope to see many such wonderful threads in the future.

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    Congratulations to the winners of the TOW.
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    It is great to see a number of Special prize getters and a winner for the Thread of the week contest. I congratulate all the winners and wish them good luck to win more rewards in the future.

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