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    Do you still ask questions?

    During childhood one has the tendency to have an enquiring mind, wanting to know answers to dozens of questions! Do we continue this trend into our growing up years and into adulthood? Share your personal experiences here.

    Do you remember those childhood days? Though it is not possible to remember everything that we did in our childhood, few things are very common and we remember those things. Most of the time, we remember those moments which are widely circulated among our relatives. But one thing is very common with every child and that is the habit of asking questions. When you were a child you asked lots of questions. You asked your parents, teachers, relatives and anybody whom you thought can give you the answers. Actually, it's a part of growing up. When you looked around with inquisitive eyes, you found everything new and were amazed. You wanted to know things and that's why asked so many questions. With age, the habit of asking goes away. Instead of asking, we try to find out the answers ourselves through books, different media and nowadays Google is a one-stop solution for all our queries.

    We, humans, are very curious to know things, though this curiosity dies down with age. Although it is not applicable to every old person, there are many who feel they have learned enough and it is a time to stop learning new things at old age. Asking questions and finding answers is a very good exercise and keeps our brain cells active. Therefore, the more you ask, the more chances are there for you to stay young. Keep on asking questions and try to find out the answers.
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    This is human nature, in childhood. As kids have little knowledge and curious to know the things, therefore, they ask lots of question. The habit of asking questions die with the age when we know most of the things. Although it's good habit still few people are shy to ask it from the people. Learning never ends at any age. People learn even when they grow oldd even from a child only thing is we should have a desire to learn.

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    It is true that children ask a lot of questions to their elders. But when they grow they become selective and only ask when it is some new thing.

    Once they grow into an adult they become very selective because they start feeling that asking a thing reflects that one does not know that. So inhibition starts overriding the inquisitive behaviour.

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    When I was young, I used to please my parents with questions.
    After my marriage, my wife and children used to trouble me with questions.
    Now I am old, and enjoy troubling my grown-up son and daughter with questions.
    There is no end to questions and answers.
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    The children will have a lot of inquisitiveness to learn many things and for them everything in this world as a fantastic and peculiar item. So as and when they see any new item and hear any new information, they start thinking about that and they will get a number of doubts. All those doubts will be put in the form questions to the elders. My granddaughter who is just completed her first year tries to show some new things and go on asking me something or other in her own language. Same is the case with all children.
    My mother's father used to tell us many stories during our childhood. Even today also I remember all those stories and they are in my mind. I used to ask him many questions. He used to answer all those questions very nicely. His way of narration and answering the questions is unique and it will make us remember those points forever.
    My elder son who is a manager in Infosys having the habit of asking many questions even now at his 30th year age.

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    I think one should never stop asking questions. Children ask questions because they are inquisitive and that is why you may have to face a chain of questions once you start answering them. The intention, mode and purpose of asking questions might change as one grows up but you still will have a lot of questions to be asked though it is a different issue whether you would be asking it or not.

    None of us are masters of everything around us and we are bound to have doubts. Asking questions to clear your doubts or to enhance your knowledge is then, I believe, a sign of maturity. Entertaining a doubt and not making an effort to clear it, due to whatever reasons, is, I would say, actually a sign of ignorance. We should not worry about the age, qualification or status of the person who appears to have better knowledge than us in a particular matter; he may be able to enhance our knowledge.

    So, let us keep on asking questions so that we keep observing and thinking and help ourselves in expanding our knowledge base.

    It would be pertinent to mention in this connection that one should not ask questions just to test the knowledge of others (interviews and exams not included). One should also never ask questions for the sake of asking questions with an intention to create confusion or to irritate another. Asking questions is fine as long as it is to satisfy your urge to know more and know better.

    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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