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    What are your favourite sections in ISC?

    We all are aware that ISC is a big portal and there are various sections in it and many members may not be aware about all the sections here due to varied interests and likings.

    We can not be active in all the sections and will be confined to those where we are able to submit our creative contributions time to time. So everyone has some sections of his taste, choice and interest.

    I always thought to find out what are the sections where more members are active or interested and in this context I request members to share what are the sections they are most active or like them in the decending order starting from the most liked.

    To start with, in my case the activities or interests are in the following order -
    Forum, Ask Experts, Information update, Resource response, Articles and Jobs.

    What are yours? Please share.
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    I have an interest in forums and AE section as this is the place where one can contribute if have a little time as in other sections one requires time to contribute. Moreover in forum one may be able to know about other members unlike in other sections.

    In the resource section, one needs to have lots of time and knowledge about the topic which he or she is writing.

    Other than these sections I have not tried any other section on ISC. I once tried to submit photos here but I could not be able to do that, I don't know what was the reason so have not tried since then.

    I have seen a few people who are on this site for earning they mostly participate in resource section only as it has a scope to earn better than any other section here. But then interest varies from person to person.


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    I am not very active here but have thought to try to be more active during the year 2019. Let us see how to manage this challenge.

    My activities are limited to Articles, Ask Experts and Forum sections. Sometimes I have tried a little bit in Information update also. I hope to increase my presence in forum section in the coming times.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I generally contribute in Forum Section, Articles Section (including Article Response) and Ask Expert Section. Occasionally, if my mood permits, I post in Information Update Section (Updates on colleges, cities and districts about which I have some knowledge). I also read other Members' responses in these Sections.

    Although I regularly loose points in Forum Section and my comments result in regular punishment like suspension, I like this vibrant Section most.

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    Initially, I liked ISC's Forum, AE and Resource (now Article),
    After two years, I left Ask Expert and continued with Forum and Article,
    Now I left Article, and I am fully dedicated to Forum only.

    Article is a one way,
    Ask Expert is a two way,
    Forum is a multiple way.

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    ISC is an institute on its own and it has its wings in many domains and it will have food for thought to many people.

    I joined in 2009 itself but left it after spending a little time for a few months. Then from 2017 January, I have become active and I contribute daily to this site.
    Initially, I made some contribution in the Jobs section, information update section etc. Later on, I worked for some time on courses also.

    But presently I am contributing in Forum section and Ask Experts section. I am also contributing in Article section. I also read the articles and write my opinions on the article with some inputs with my limited knowledge.

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    I am in ISC for the past six months and since the beginning, the Forum section is my favourite. I write Articles also and post my responses there, though I found the Forum section always vibrant with interesting topics.

    I have answered a few questions in the Ask Experts section but presently wish to concentrate more on Articles and Forum sections. ISC is a vast site and has many sections which I couldn't explore completely till now. There are so many things to learn from this site and I find all the sections unique in its own way.


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