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    Is KCR going to support YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh Elections?

    During Telangana Assembly elections Naidu participated in the campaign with Congress leaders without any positive result. After winning the elections in Telangana with a thumping majority KCR started criticising Naidu and offered him return gift. He wanted to participate in AP politics also.
    Today YSRCP President is having a meeting with the Working President of KCR's party TRS. The working president is none other than KTR the son of KCR.
    The meeting may discuss supporting this YSRCP in AP elections. Jagan is having many court cases and he is out on bail and attending every Friday CBI court. Such a person wanted to be the CM of AP and KCR wanted to support him. This will definitely send wrong signals to Telangana people about the moral values of KCR and his Party. This will be a blessing in disguise to TDP. What are the views of other members on this?
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    Corruption is a part of the state and national politics. Every political party choose their alliance partners by thinking their own political gains and the same is visible in this case of TRS and YSRCP in AP elections. KCR is immensely popular in Telangana and we have seen that KCR has single-handedly won the assembly elections.

    Voters do not think about the ethics of the politicians, rather developmental agendas play important roles to win the elections. We have seen many situations like these in other states where people never bothered about who is forming an alliance with whom. People are more concerned about the sops the politicians are providing before each election and they make their decisions based on the facilities and lucrative promises along with the developmental agendas published in the poll manifestos.


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