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    In 94% of the cases woman found to be involved in the pickpocket cases!

    The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), which is responsible for the security at Delhi Metro stations, says that such women gangs are responsible for over 90% of the incidents of pickpocketing in the Delhi metro. This is the data of the last year but recently this came out that in Delhi Metro, out of 100% of the incidences of the pickpocket the total of 94% of the incidences are recorded to be with the involvement of woman passengers.

    By July'17, the CISF caught 373 pickpockets of which 329 were women.

    In 2016, at least, 41 male and 438 female suspected pickpockets were caught by the CISF.

    The above are the official figures in which the culprits were caught red handed because of the vigilances of the security officers & through with the video camera installed.

    The problem with the civilized society & in the eye of the law is that they are not that much concerned of this particular section but is very active in the otherwise cases.
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    An informative thread to make us cautious. When the rate of crime against women is on the rise everywhere, this shows a complete reverse trend. I am not aware of the statistics of this particular crime in other states and after this trend, I think more states will carry out their internal statistics and publish the report centrally.

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    I am not intended for any kind of comparative analysis of the trends here but I am saddened by few of thread targeting a particular sex & trying to generalizing the overall concept. This shouldn't have been the case.

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    Women are equally participating in almost all activities with men. Same is the case in this case also. Ladies are better managers than men. This is a fact everyone will accept. They are good in both type of activities. I have seen one or two such type of ladies who are very smart in this type of activities. So please be careful even with ladies and don't believe any unknown either a gent or a lady.
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    This came as a no surprise to me. I had seen the maximum cases of pickpocketing where women were more active and most of them, took advantage of the fact, that might be looking weaker and innocent to the first eye. Men also fear the fact that they can be beaten up if they will be caught. But here female pickpocketer, know that they can get easily by using the female, weak section favour. This is sad.
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