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    Are you a sinner? Do you have any plan to clean your sins at Kumbha Mela?

    Kumbha Mela is 'ON'. It is said that taking a dip in holy Ganga during the Kumbha Mela will get away our sins committed so far. Do you believe in this trend? Are you a sinner? Do you have any plan to visit the Kumbha Mela festival in Prayagraj?

    And what is your general opinion and understanding about Kumbha Mela?
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    An interesting one but I am of the opinion that the holy dip wouldn't spare you with your karma or actions but instead one will have to face the consequences of his or her own actions sooner or later. However if one is surrounded by the belief that this will lead to cure of from their sins then again this should be ok for us. This is good to note that this being the age old traditions since the time unknown to us, this got some meaning on the spiritual basis but due to long time the actual fact may have got manipulated in the ways it wasn't desired on the scientific grounds.

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    It all depends on one's belief. There are many traditions like these and a lot of people follow it without trying to know things in entirety. Whatever is happening around you either has a concrete reason or people are following it because of their craze.

    Personally, I always like to know things rather than following the herd on certain beliefs. I do not really know what is a virtue and what is a sin. What I feel, the intention of harming others in any way will lead to misery and one should never try to carry out such activities. When you carry out certain acts knowing fully well that it's not good for the other person/persons, be ready to face the consequences later in life irrespective of how many dips you take or how many religious places you visit in your life.


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    I am not planning any holy dip during Kumbhamela. I have already had a holy dip twice or thrice in the Ganges.
    I think it is not correct to think that by having a dip all our sins will go away. The accounts are different. For good deeds, you will be benefitted and you can't avoid punishment for your sins.
    It is like in ISC. If your one thread is good, you will get the thread of the week award or monetary benefit. If another thread of yours is against the rules you will get negative points and your thread will be deleted. But a good thread can't give you a way to write a thread against the rules.
    Again it all depends on how you take it. Different thoughts and different arguments. So I am not going further deep into the subject.
    If you kill a cat and construct a temple. That sin of killing a cat can't be compensated by the good act of constructing a temple. You will get the punishment for the sin and you will get the reward for the good deed.

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    This year I am not going to take a holy dip during Ardh Kumbh.

    So far as the 'sinner' part is concerned, I firmly believe in the Hindu philosophy that human being is 'Amritasya Putrah/Putrih'. He/She is not a sinner (this concept is from other religions). Human birth is the greatest birth. We have come on this earth for doing good to others and for the society.

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    No, I don't believe in this. I don't have a plan to go for a holy dip in the Ganges on Kumbh Mela. We have the Ganges at a distance of app 125 Km in UP so once a year we go there to have a holy dip. I have to go because my wife believes in the same. I don't think your sins can be washed off by just having a dip in the Ganges.

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    As I believe in Hindu philosophy I don't have any objection in taking a holy dip in sacred rivers. We had our holy dips recently in Godavari and Krishna rivers during their pushkaras. Once I and my brother went to Triveni Sangamam to immerse my father's ashes and then we had our holy dip there. We also brought a can of Ganga water and preserved it. I don't have any plan to Prayaggraj to visit Kumbh Mela but I sprinkle that Ganga water at that time.

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    Religious rituals are based on the belief and those who have faith in them, they only visit such places. Logically speaking there is no connection between our sins and getting them cleaned with the holy dip.

    Frankly speaking the religious people should not commit sins. The basic philosophy of following a religion is defeated if we adopt ill-full ways of life.

    Some people simply follow others and as the friends and relatives are going there, they will also accompany them and mimic whatever others are doing. In our scriptures, it is known as 'Gatanu gatike loko na loko parmarthako' which is in Sanskrit and means that people simply copy and follow others and do not do anything for the truth or divinity.

    So the sins remain with the individual and one does not get rid of them even after a holy bath there.

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    Taking away the life of any God created creature is considered to be a sin. In our life, we kill many creatures like mosquitoes, flies, bugs and ants, knowingly. In that respect, we all are sinners in one way or other. Everything is recorded and kept by the staff of Lord Yama. Therefore, it is necessary to get cleaned ourselves from the sins we committed, before our death, to attain Moksha. It is a strong belief that a dip in the Ganga helps us to come out of the sins we committed. This is the reason why the old people plan their pilgrimage to such holy places in their old age.
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