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    Death and fatal accidents caused due to illegal Kite strings.

    During recent times, the use of glass-coated string used for flying kites has led to fatal accidents. These glass-coated strings are imported from China and are declared illegal in our country but still many opt for this despite the serious accidents and deaths due to its use. Due to the small size, it's not easily visible, especially to those driving the two-wheelers. The consequences could be the slitting of the throat damaging the windpipe which can cause immediate death or other serious accidents.

    We are aware of other accidents wherein the children were so lost that they fell from the terrace during kite flying but still we see no decline in such incidents.

    What do you feel about why our intelligence is so weak to recognize with such impacts of our actions?

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    Death and fatal accidents are very common if we do not take care of ourselves. Electricity and Gas are the two dangerous things that can cause fatal accidents. Yet we use them carefully. At times death and fatal accidents take place even if we are very careful.
    Here, Kite flying is a sport for entertainment. The so-called Manja (string) is considered as a weapon to damage the opponent's kite. Don't we play with the dangerous bulls with sharp horns? Do we cut off the horns? No.

    If someone has to die with a Manja cut, they would die. It is their destiny to die in that way. We cannot change or rewrite our fate written on our pate.

    No life without Sun

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    Mr Sun, I am really surprised at your comment. How can you say that "It is their destiny to die in that way. We cannot change or rewrite our fate written on our pate." If your entertainment is a cause of worry to others it shows how irresponsible you are.

    It is true that these glass-coated strings are very popular among the kite flyers and they always prefer these varieties over the other. The sharp edge of these strings is a cause of concern which causes accidents to the passerby who come in touch with those strings. The riders of two-wheelers while driving on a flyover whose height is much higher than the normal ones face the trouble and there are a few accidents in Kolkata too which baffled the law enforcement authorities. When a kite is flown from a far away distance, it is impossible to locate the flyer. The only thing is strictly employing the ban on those strings so that the kite flyers won't be able to purchase them to fly kites. In our country, every law is flouted and it seems there is no exception to this in case of glass-coated strings.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    While it's our perceptions to come-up with our own comments on any specific subjects, thread or a topic but I don't get it when we go on saying that we are destined for such accidents & deaths.

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    Our enjoyment should not cause problems to others. This should be a basic concept. This is my house I will put it on fire is not acceptable.
    As such kites flying itself is a dangerous activity. Using glass coated thread is very dangerous. The selling of that thread should be banned. The parents should see that their children will never use dangerous goods without safety.
    At the same time elders should not leave children alone on the terrace as it is very dangerous. Even after taking all these precautions also sometimes unwanted issues will take place. No one should forget the importance of safety while going for such acts.

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    Mr Sun, would you walk through the middle of a busy road? I suppose no. But why not if you are leaving everything to destiny? Because, being a public place, though you are free to put your life or limb at risk, you have no right to play with the life of others. And that is exactly the question that has been raised here. Considering the dangers of using glass-coated strings to fly kites, the authorities should take steps to ban the sale of the same. Unlike fire or water which are essential for us, bull-fights or glass-coated strings are not. Let us not have entertainment at the cost of others.
    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    This is the cause of many accidents in Delhi on independence day. A few years back I read that slit the throat of a two-wheeler driver on spot. It was a very saddening incident. Chinese brand Manja is banned but still, people sell them without caring about the life of the people.

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    Sankalan & Saji,
    Why not there be rules to restrict kite flying! Why should we fly kites on a busy road or over the flyover? Interested party should go to the open playgrounds to fly kites. Our government should take action against the agents who market such glass coated strings. However, it is the duty of the kite flyer not to use such dangerous strings. Even an ordinary string is dangerous to the two-wheeler rider.

    I do not think that such glass coated string deaths are many, but a very few to quote.

    I repeat 'The fate written on our pate cannot be erased or rewritten"

    Jai Hind.

    No life without Sun

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    People are using glass coated manja thread for flying the kite. From their viewpoint, it may be a correct thing as they derive pleasure in cutting the thread of other kite flyer but the point is that if an innocent person is harmed with that thread then who is responsible for that act?

    No doubt both the parties, Govt at one side not able to control it and citizens at the other side using it in spite of knowing the hidden dangers, are responsible for this blunder.

    Accidents happen and we can not foresee them but why we should invite them ourselves. If Govt is not able to correct this menace then at least the like like-minded citizens should try to abolish this practice in the society.

    I remember in some villages earlier the animals were sacrificed on a regular basis but when the group of like-minded people opposed it then it diminished to great extent.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The governmental bodies including the law & the police forces have got their own limitations & it's not possible for the police to depute its forces to each of the individuals being involved in such actions. These are few of the areas wherein the education, awareness & understanding matters.

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