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    Feel free to ask anything

    I am new to this forum, but will try to give my full contribution & help members.
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    Welcome to this site, Mr. Rajat Kumar. At the outset, kindly give your introduction. For contributing in different Sections, kindly go through the Help topics.
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    Rajat Kumar,
    We welcome you to ISC, a reputed educational site in the web world. You are in a right place to perform. Very pleased to note your assurance to contribute and help ISC members. Let us know your field of expertise. Wish you all the best, Mr. Rajat Kumar.

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    Hearty welcome to you on to this ISC. Before going to post your contributions I request you to read the help topics completely so that you will understand the rules, regulations and other concepts about the site. At the same time there are some threads on the top of the forum index which are pinned also will give you some good information.So go through them also. At the same time you can read the articles also which are on the top of the list of articles. That will also give you some good information about the site and guidelines. Once you do that you will get familiarised with the site. Then you can start with your postings strating from threads and then to other sections. I wish you a happy and long journey on this site.
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    Rajat Kumar, welcome to ISC. Though you are new to this website and haven't introduced yourself, from your assurance to help the other members indicates that you have experience in writing and contributing to various platforms.

    As the other members have already said to go through the various help topics, I am sure you will do that before contributing to different sections and soon you will become aware of the posting guidelines. This is a wonderful place to learn as well as earn and we will also be enriched if you share your experience with us. Go ahead and start contributing. Wish you all the best.


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    Welcome to ISC. You will get to know the things here through the help section as well as from the members. If you have creative ideas and writing skills, then this is the right place for you.

    It takes time to understand the things in this site as it is a big one having many sections and accordingly has different activities in them.

    To make you feel home I will volunteer to tell you a few starting tips to make your journey here a pleasurable one.

    You can start commenting in the posts in the forum section and after some time start submitting your own posts. Try to give good points in your response and make your comment effective. Be polite and use logical points to impress upon your ideas and refrain from aggression.

    You will get points for each and every comment or post and they will go on cumulating and will be beneficial to you in many ways that you will come to know subsequently.

    After that you can enter in other sections like article submission, job posting, school/ college posting, information update, comments on already published articles etc.

    Please do not feel disheartened if your article is rejected. ISC expects a certain quality in the submissions and after a few attempts, you will be through.

    You may be knowing some computer things like HTML etc. If not just go through the basic HTML commands which will be handy here for making headings in your article or linking a page somewhere. In the help section, it is well explained.

    With little concentration and efforts, you will be soon able to submit your creative work here. This is a friendly site and those who can work hard, there are various earning opportunities also.

    Time to time various creative contests are announced and you can very well participate in them.

    Please note that ISC encourages the budding writers and creative minds in many ways and nurtures them through various contests in such a way that their creative strengths are enhanced day by day.

    So come and start writing in this great portal. All the best.

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