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    Should MS Dhoni continue to be part of INDIA's ODI Team?

    It appears that MS Dhoni has finally came to form in finals of the INDIA - Australia series. But it is not comparable with the finishing skills during his previous days.

    Do you think, MS Dhoni still deserves to continue to be part of the INDIA's ODI Team? OR Should he give a way for younger generation ?
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    Actually speaking as far as he is performing he should be in the Indian otherwise should retire and give a chance to younger ones.

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    When a player is among the runs and performing well in most of the matches there is no problem with him continuing in the team. The statistics show that M S Dhoni's performance in 2018 was not up to the mark with an average of around 25. This is just the beginning of the year and he played quite well in the last two matches.

    A cricketer goes through bad patches at times due to various reasons and everybody hope that a wonderful batsman like Dhoni has the ability to come back again. Let him enjoy the game and I am sure he will make ways for the youngsters when he feels like to retire from the shorter version of the game.


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    I have been a huge fan of MS Dhoni since he started playing for India. I salute him because of his struggle, fitness, stamina, determination, cricketing prudence and flamboyance. He has single-handedly placed Jharkhand in the cricket map of India. He gave India many unbelievable victories. He has given India two World Cups in T-20s and in ODI.

    Despite his achievements, I feel that MSD doesn't have any place in the 2019 World Cup team. His time is over. Rishabh Pant and Dinesh Kartik are ready to take over from him in ODIs and T-20s. Wriddhiman Saha is ready for the Test Cricket.

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    I feel once Dhoni is there in the field, players will get some moral boost. Whether he made runs ot not he is giving guidance on field to other people. He is advising bowlers, fielders and even captain sometimes which were acknowledge by the players.
    The present two matches his performance was good and he has seen that India will win the 2nd ODI. Many big players were also out of form and faced bad patches. Same is the case with him also. Now it appears that he came back to form. His presence in the team is very much required for world cup.
    Keeping in view his contributions to Indian cricket I feel he should be given a free hand to decide about his retirement .

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    Yes, Mr.Dhoni really deserves a place in 2019 World Cup. The reason for this is his immaculate wicket keeping even at this stage and his calculated moves behind the wickets. When Mr.Dhoni is in the team and especially behind the wickets he gives a lot of psychological strength for his teammates as well as to the captain. His out of box advice to the captain fears the opponent teams. He can bat at any spot which definitely stabilizes the teams scoring performance. His running between the wickets and his ability to rotate the batting, his superb stance behind the wickets is a big plus for the Indian team. So by selecting him to 2019 World cup team, he may not be a burden for the team.

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    No matter what but he seems to continue till the completion of World cup 2019 & thereafter he will declare himself as retired from all forms of cricket as he did from the test matches. For me he still is reliable when we need him & therefore this should be left on him only whether he wants to continue or intends to discontinue.

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    Thanks for sharing all your opinions about Dhoni's form in the recent times. Lets wish him to continue the form, part of the World Cup 2019.
    K K

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