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    What is happening in Karnataka?

    This has been an unhappy marriage since the very beginning. Congress allowed JD(S) to get the Cheif Ministership. But many a time, the Chief Minister has expressed his helplessness and inability to take decisions. On the other hand, Congress MLAs have been clearly divided into three factions. All factions remain busy to appease the power-centre of Janpath in Delhi. More and more cases of corruption are coming before public eyes.

    Under such volatile circumstances, it is understood that two independent MLAs have withdrawn their support from the HD Kumaraswamy Government. Now six Congress MLAs are planning to defect. In that case, the Coalition Government of HD Kumaraswamy will become a minority.

    What is happening in Karnataka? Will the Government fall? Will there be another election so early? Or another Government will come to power.

    Members may kindly comment on this important issue.
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    It was expected since the beginning. We all know how things unfolded just after the assembly elections in Karnataka and its present CM Mr Kumaraswamy has said earlier also how painful it is for him to manage this coalition.

    The general election is around the corner and we will witness these type of activities in places where the coalition is running on a tight rope. I don't see early elections there. If the present government falls there, the BJP will try its best to form an alternative as it is the single largest party there. Though many factors are there behind this power struggle, hope things will become much clear within the next few days.


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    There is no doubt that there are disturbances in the ruling coalition front in Karnataka but what needs to be highlighted at this juncture is the expertise exhibited by the BJP in playing the role of a paramour effectively. The party is once again trying to prove how good they are in taking advantage of disturbances in a house. Political parties in India are blessed (or would 'cursed' be more appropriate?) to have leaders who are greedy and power hungry and as on date, no one can beat BJP in trying to grab power in whatever manner.
    What is happening in Karnataka is as clear as daylight. It is horse trading. But thanks to the anti-defection law that is in place, the State might have to face another election ( at the cost of the tax paid by the people) in case the members representing a party decides to walk over to the BJP camp. Let the people decide.

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    Whenever there is unhappiness in marriage, blame the paramour.

    Why so much unhappiness within 8 months? Is it due to rampant corruption and forming of a coalition without any ideological base?

    People will definitely note this. People will also ensure that such hotchpotch coalition won't form Government in future, anywhere, either in the State or at the Centre.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    This is nothing but the politics & there is nothing unusual about it. The ideologies are meaningless in this game & numbers are important here. The same we witnessed during the J&K assembly that till the time our jobs are done than we are friends & thereafter we see the blame game from either sides with the cheapest of the politics taking place then. But overall the intentions are important which never been the good in the Karnataka regime in both the parties. However the voters needs to understand this whole picture in order to make choices with the right party.

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    This is as expected. As long as the selfish politicians are power hungry they will do anything the can. There are no morals. From the day one the two partners of the government are having some difference of opinions. The opposition party will definitely try their best to get into power. In Karnataka I think this may not be possible. They may go for reelections. The money paid from their hard earned money by the tax payers is getting wasted like this. The voters should go either way but some here and some there. That attitude is only the reason. In Telangana we see that all the voters are with KCR
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