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    Human perception of beautiful things.

    We are always attracted by beauty; of anything. But have you ever thought as to what gives rise to that attraction? What makes us perceive a person or thing to be beautiful? Let us give it a thought and come out with individual opinions and views on a serious note.

    It is said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. Everyone is attracted towards the beautiful things, whether they are animate or inanimate.

    We are attracted towards beautiful people, we are charmed by the beautifully colored flowers, we are tempted to purchase the beautiful toys or items of craft, we are enticed with the beautiful sceneries and landscapes in nature and so on.

    I am always pondering to know what is that in our senses that enable us to distinguish a beautiful thing or object from the others in the lot. How do we perceive the beauty? Is it a relative assessment or is it inherent instinct?

    Even when we meet a person for the first time we are initially impressed by his beauty or looks. The behavior, knowledge, talent etc come afterward.

    Please give your comments and views on this aspect.
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    I think it is a relative assessment only. Nobody as defined the word beauty. When we see a person, things like flower or leaves etc, we will feel that they are beautiful. There is no way to measure the beauty. It is only an individual's assessment. When we see an object we will feel that is beautiful. But the same thing by another person may not be considered as beautiful one. Some people look for beautiful appearance. Some will see for inner beauty. Some will get impressed with the behavioural beauty of the person.
    The total issue is based on individual's perception.

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    It happens when we meet a person for the first time we get attracted to his or her charms buy when we the relationship continues then the behaviour of the person matters to enrich the relationship.
    Attraction towards the beautiful thing is natural but wise people dont incline towards the physical beauty but like the innate beauty.


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    I think it is an inherent genetic trait in us and sharpens with our upbringing. We may be learning a bit also during our aging.

    Beauty is a thing to admire and beauty is also a thing which impresses us much. It is not only physical beauty that attracts us. There are many cases where inner beauty is more attractive and conspicuous.

    People enhance their physical beauty with artificial means also. It has become a big business area.

    I feel that we should not be obsessed with the external beauty only and rather evaluate a thing in its totality whether it is an animate or inanimate entity.

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    Beauty is something that is to be felt. It is not possible to define beauty in a particular way and our senses play a great role to select what is beautiful. Beauty is a relative assessment because it is impossible to measure anything beautiful and the choice of beautiful varies from person to person.

    We see different things everywhere. For example, think of various dresses in a shop. Somebody might like a particular colour and design, the others may not like that and have a different preference for colour and design. Actually, beauty is something that we are attracted to. It varies from place to place and many times we try to compare beautiful things. Suppose you go on a tour and found a particular place has an ecstatic scenic beauty. Sometime later you may find another place at a different location more beautiful than the previous one. This happens in our regular life and we compare people also in terms of beauty.

    The inherent instinct is the feeling of joy after observing anything beautiful. So, rather comparing anything beautiful with another let's preserve the feeling of joy as we all know that 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever'.


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