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    Celebrations e-book contest - feedback and suggestions welcome

    We have announced the winners of the e-book contest. So now you are welcome to have a healthy discussion on it. We would like to have some fresh new suggestions for future e-books.

    My own suggestion - would you like to try your hand at an e-poetry book? Each participant could write, say, 8 lines and the next participant has to pick up the poem's theme and continue.
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    It would be a great idea. I would request you to conduct an e-poetry book challenge. A new concept indeed!
    The last e-book contest was fabulous. I really liked the way the characters were introduced and, the next participant continued after it. It enhanced the imagination power. Thanks a lot for having such a contest.


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    I would like to see an e-book story, purely in a dialogue form. It should be like watching a film. Hope you will.
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    I think that e-poetry book would be a new concept, but I am very sure that the participation will be extremely limited. Instead, I agree to the views expressed by Mr. SuN as mentioned in the above response (#656902).
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    Partha is right. All may not be capable of writing poems. It requires a lot of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. In ISC, many can write stories, but only a very few can compose poems. Hence, e-poetry will not be acceptable to all. Anyway, it is left to the contest organizer to choose the right e-book.
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    Seeing the cross section of the members here, e-poetry may not be a feasible option as it will require literary connect from one part to another and the participation might also be feeble.

    So far, during my association, I have not seen any contest related to the poetry but if agreed we can have it in a slightly different form like having the poems (limited to 12/ 16 lines) from the participants in the same thread like we had for the short story (fear elements).

    I think in that case we will have many entries as so many students are there who are apt in poem writing. If so then they can or a few outstanding among them may be suitably rewarded as in case of the short story.

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    We've had stand-alone poem contests earlier. We could organize one at a later date, then, instead of as an e-poetry book if it is felt that the response would be poor to the latter.
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    I have a point to make regarding the e-book. I noticed a small mistake while the Christmas e-book contest was in progress but now when it is over, I want to point it out. In chapter five of the e-book, the writer has written that the elves at the restaurant were all named according to Santa's elves such as Rudolph, Dancer, Prancer and so on. It is incorrect because these names are the names of Santa's reindeers.
    The chapter was very well presented, and I am in no way demeaning the member's quality writing. The e-book is for children so we must take care of the fact that the children do not get confused. What I felt is correct, I have tried to convey it but in that process, if someone gets hurt then I apologise for it. I only meant to make the write-up more convincing.


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    Ebook contest is organised well. The chapters are evaluated and best chapters were given awards. Many journals will be contesting these contests and they will be announcing awards. But these journals will be declaring the criteria for selecting the best stories when they advertise the awards. In the same way here also of the editors can say the reasons or criteria for the selection. Then the other participants may also know what is the way to follow for getting an award.
    Coming to Epoem contest also, I feel it will be a new contest. We can give a try. But participation may be less for one or two contests. After that, it will also increase.

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    It was an interesting contest and I enjoyed participation in it. The story was well knitted by the participants and it was one of the most collaborative writing project I have witnessed.

    I wish there will be more like that in future.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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