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    Who is the main culprit here?

    Many of the individuals are fascinated by few of the commodities like the Cigarette, Pan Masala and Beer or such other drinks. Instructions through various ways and means are communicated to the public in order to create awareness among the users of these commodities and to dissuade its uses in the society. These could be in the form of messages like "Cigarette smoking is injurious to your health" or "smoking causes cancer" or with the use of few graphics. But the use of such commodities doesn't see any decline. While using these, the users seem to be in some fantasy land having a feeling of pleasure in the heart and mind.

    If we try to figure out the issue, who, according to you, would be the main culprit here? Is it the government who doesn't show the intentions to shut down the manufacturing units or is it the company or the firms who is actually involved in the production or would it be the final users who seem to be more dedicated to such commodities irrespective of the consequences that he or she may face in the coming times?
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    I don't say government is at fault. One has to take care of his health. If they don't bother about that who will save them. The government is discouraging the usage in many ways. They are giving much advertisement through various media's to send the message to the public. The are increasing the taxes on these items so that people may stop consuming more. But the people never reduce or stop it. Government has banned smoking in public places. Even then nobody bothers about these rules and continue smoking. I have seen many students smoking during the college hours by coming out of college and smoking.
    If government closes down the manufacturing units, these addicted people will smuggle these goods from other countries. I strongly believe that the people who are consuming these items are only responsible for the present status. They should know the problems associated with these items and should change their attitude.

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    This is a thought provoking thread for pondering as well as introspection. These things are addictive and people fall prey to them. Business and industries are thriving on them. Govt. is also getting considerable revenue. So whom do we find responsible for it. The concerned industries are making money and the addicts are claiming that they are enjoying life.

    It is a complex subject. I have seen that if in a town, liquor is prohibited, people go to the nearby town, drink and come back. So once these habits are formed then there is no escape from them however harmful they might be for us and our health.

    Not only we but many developed countries are struggling with these addictions ranging from liquor to drugs.

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    I don't blame the government or the manufacturer as they both do the business for their profit whereas the buyer and user of these products buy diseases by buying them. This is very serious as people know the consequences of smoking they do it for their enjoyment. If we don't care about our health no one is going to help us.

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    During lunch hours, the ways in which the mob just come out & reaches to the nearby shops for cigarettes & bidis & Paan Masala are full of surprising but is the fact & you wouldn't even feel the confusion on their faces on the consequences of using those. These individuals are just consisting of every age groups from the new employees to the employees who have reached to the level of their retirement is absolutely socking for me.

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