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    Are we becoming a huge biryani nation?

    Tamil Nadu ' s record yearly sales of chicken and mutton biryani sales, according to a latest report in The Hindu, is in excess of Rs4000 crores. Apart from the few branded names such as Anjappar, the Dindigul Thalappakatti biryani and a few other names, the huge sales, according to the same report, comes from the unorganized sector.

    While Tamil Nadu 's statistics was interesting, the scene in other States like Kerala and AP and Telengana is no different if my friends are to be believed
    Hyderabad is home to so many different varieties. A rough guess would put that market in excess of four hundred crores. Up North, I have seen how the locals in Ranchi happily feast on Biryani of all kinds.

    So, what will be the future of this business? The same report says there is a huge craze for vegetable biryani. Members may please mention the pure vegetarian hotels in different cities where the best vegetable biryani is served. I for one cannot afford to eat the same in any non vegetarian hotel. I have never been to one in my life either.

    It will be interesting to hear from Members.
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    A mouthwatering thread from AB Sivakumar. I really love to enjoy Biriyani, especially the Mutton & Chicken Biriyani prepared by Muslims. To taste non-vegetarian Chicken & Mutton Biriyani, I enter into Muslim hotels. During my childhood, in Tirunelveli, there was a hotel by the name 'Sultania'. I am yet to taste the Biriyani I tasted there. These days, everyone prepares Biriyani, but nothing can match that Biriyani of my childhood days.

    Apart from the Hotel Biriyani, I used to taste Biriyani offered in a Durgaah. There is a place called 'Attankarai Pallivaasal' in the district of Tirunelveli of Tamilnadu, where Mutton Biriyani is served free to the devotees on special days. No other Biriyani can match the Biriyani served there.

    Now we have Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani, Thalappakattu Biriyani, Ambur Biriyani etc. They don't taste that good. My wife is a good cook and prepares very delicious Biriyani of all varieties.

    I do not enjoy Vegetable Biriyani of any hotel. Hence, I won't be able to recommend a hotel in Tirunelveli for Sivakumar.

    Jai Hind.

    No life without Sun

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    In Hyderabad there are many hotels where Vegetable biryani will be very tasty. Even average hotels also serve very good vegetable Biryani. Paradise hotel is very famous restaurant and various types of Biryanis are available in these group of hotels. Bawarchi is another hotel where we get different types of Biryanis. Now the Paradise hotel opened a branch in airport and the people travelling from here will get it packed and carry with them .
    Along with Biryani we will be getting very good veg fried rice also in many vegetarian hotels in Hyderabad. Many Hydrabadi young people are prefrerring these foods than traditional foods like dosa, idly and other tiffins.

    always confident

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    Earlier we had Pulao either veg Pulao or non veg Pulao in our house as well as hotels and it was relished by the people. With the Biryani becoming more common in different parts of the country the Pulao took a back seat and Biryani has almost replaced it in major tourist centers as well as fun places.

    The use of special spices to give Biryani that special flavour is the main reason of this and due to its super taste people are making a beeline for it. It is a filling dish also and good for satisfying the hunger pangs.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Ahhhh....! This delicious dish containing chicken, mutton or beef, high-quality rice, saffron, meat fats, onions and other spices stimulates the taste buds of many Indians. The biryani originated in Lucknow and presently it can be tested all over the country. Even then, the biryani of Lucknow, Hyderabad and Delhi deserves special mention. But many Kolkattans prefer the biryani of the city which has a special taste. Which Bengali can forget Biryani of Arsalan, Aminia , Siraj or Nizam's. But Bengalis simply don't believe the concept of vegetable biryani. In our opinion, biryani doesn't gel with any vegetable.

    In this article, I have discussed the speciality of Kolkata biryani.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Biryani has become very popular now a days and people demand for it especially the spiced and flavoured ones. Many housewives have learned it and make the delicious Biryani in the home itself and family members really enjoy it.

    It is my favourite also.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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