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    Can Congress become the surprise winner in UP?

    It does seem that with the SP-BSP alliance firmly in place in UP and the Congress deciding to contest all seats, given the fact that there are just two National parties, the Congress and the BJP, what can happen?

    The possibilities are so many. It is very clear that Modi wave is not there. The Rafale deal is now a big shot in the arm of the Congress. Lack of new jobs in the past five years is now a big problem for all and the BJP has the horrible distinction of multiplying the contract jobs all over.

    Can the Congress spring a surprise in UP. Those who the relative strength of the SP and the BSP may please share their views.
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    The mood of Indian voters is unpredictable & therefore anything can happen now & as we already have evident of Delhi Assemble election wherein the AAP became victorious with the Congress party winning no seat. Who knows that the Congress party may have greater chances of winning the more seats this time because the recent trends of the three states elections depicts so.

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    The organization of Congress in UP is in a pathetic state. The party is now confined to only two seats, i.e., in Raiberili and in Amethi. But, even in these two seats, the party is winning due to the tacit understanding with SP MLAs. Please check the trend of 2014 election. It won't be possible for Congress to be a surprise winner in UP. It is now a distant fourth in the state.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    It is difficult to predict anything in this regard as the voters are polarised in many groups and even the parties with the good past record may not be able to woo the voters.

    The unfortunate part in this matter is that the voters are also not very sincere in their voting as either they are already affiliated to a group or cannot distinguish between the good and better.

    The voting exercise has become a lottery type of thing where no prediction works.

    Knowledge is power.

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    As mentioned by other members the view of voters is very unpredictable. They behave differently in different elections. BJP will have better chances if Congress contests separately and other parties separately. SP, BSP and Congress go together the winning chances will be better for them. Now Congress wants to go separately. This will lead to the division of opposition votes. This will be a plus point for the ruling BJP. If BJP can organise well and encash the present situation there will be a good advantage to the party. Anyhow, let us wait and see what will be the reaction of the voters this time.
    always confident

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    It is really difficult to read the mood of the voters in our country. How they will change their loyalty is a difficult guess.

    The job situation is going to be the same whether congress comes or BJP comes. People should understand that there are certain things which are not going to change but they should give vote to a party which can give relatively good governance to us.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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