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    Is there emotion behind every creation?

    Humans are emotional. Emotion is an important part of our characters and it is always required to understand the feelings of the other person. We cry when we are sad, we laugh when we are happy and everybody understands how the innermost feeling in both the cases is. There are certain things which should not be discussed with a person who is sad. When a person is very sad, telling him painful or depressing incidents can make the situation even worse. When a person doesn't show any emotional behaviour and lacks emotional feelings, he won't be able to understand the emotional state of others and cannot handle certain situations. On the other hand, being too emotional is also not good which can always affect our presence of mind at situations that warrant controlled emotional behaviour.

    If we can analyze the innermost feelings during different mental state, we can learn many things. It helps us to grow stronger, it helps to understand that becoming too emotional cannot solve the problem. Different creative things come out from the self-analysis of these emotional states. It is said that all good creators in every field are very emotional. Do you think, this is true in all the cases?
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    The creators need not be emotional. People who are not emotional also can be creators. In my opinion, there is no relation between emotions and creativity. Some people will get emotional easily. Some people will not become emotional easily. This varies from person to person. It required a lot of skill to handle emotional people.
    Another point I have noticed is some people will never reveal their inner feelings easily and they keep everything inside only. Either it is happiness or sorrowfulness. they never come out openly. Those people will be at a problem and that may tell upon their health. It is better to vent out our emotions and get relieved.

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    Emotions are our natural traits. They will come out and display at opportune times. They are the reflection of our soft inner self.

    It is true that emotions have no role to play in the practical life where one has to be tough and strict in his work as well as taking work from others. Emotions only work as hindrances at such times.

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    Emotions are inbuilt in the human beings and are a part of their feelings and sentiments. Without emotions we are like a stone or rock. It is the emotions by which we show are love, affection, kindness and other things to the society around us. We are characterised by other people as per our emotions.

    Generally emotions will drive us to good deeds. They control our mind in the strange ways. For people who are more practical the emotions are controlled by their materialistic desires and such people appear to be shrewd and cruel from outside though inside their heart they are as tender as anyone.

    When we have to take hard decisions we have to keep our emotions sideways so that they do not affect our judgement and prudence.

    Knowledge is power.

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