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    Kind words can make a huge difference

    Just a couple of hours ago, I met with an old friend after two years. His wife is now a teacher in a local school but takes free tuition in English for poor students from the same school, who cannot afford to pay any tuition fees.

    Though the students tried to speak mostly in Tamil, the lady was so patient and literally made every one of the five children speak at least a few words in English. She often repeated the words and asked the students to write them down immediately. The children were so happy and were really responsive. After 15 minutes, each child profusely thanked the teacher and went home. Their parents came to take them home and the teacher patiently saw off each of the students.

    The positivity was awesome. When I quizzed the teacher, she merely replied that kind words has a big magical effect on such children, who long for parental love and attention. Since their fathers are workers and mothers mere housewives, the chances of their speaking in English was almost zero.

    But the child would go home, first tell the Tamil word and then proudly tell the meaning in English. This is exactly the main objective, she explained. I was just wondering how many of us have the kind of patience and the ability to not only teach but always talk so kindly to such children.
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    Patience and kindness both are great traits and if both are there in a person it is a God gifted thing.

    Kindness does mesmerising effect on the people and motivates and encourages them to do things which they were thinking impossible otherwise. The happiness and peace what we are seeing today in the world is the outcome of the efforts of kind hearted people.

    The narration given by the author is really impressive and praise worthy and the patience of the lady is really commendable.

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    A good thread by the author that shows how kind words can impact the children. A teacher must have the patience to teach the kids and the politeness in behaviour is necessary to make others understand things clearly. The children feel threatened by rude words and in many cases, it is seen that kids do not feel like to attend the classes of teachers who are impolite in dealing with them.

    Actually, patience and kindness is a great quality which is required to deal with many situations. Nowadays, these two qualities are very hard to find and that is the reason people are so concerned about degrading human values in many cases.


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    The lady here is really a teacher who is gifted with such patience to teach the children. Generally, ladies are supposed to be soft, gentle, polite, kind-hearted, mild & sweet-voiced, patient hearing. Ladies should never get annoyed over any issue. They should be manipulative and adjustable. All my lady teachers who taught me in primary school were of such teachers. I still remember them.
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    She is so generous as no one likes to take the pain without money these days. Exceptions are very rare. This was essential to make the kids interested in what she was teaching them. Teaching a language is always a difficult thing to do. She will have have to be patient and polite while teaching them. Parents of kids shall be giving her the blessings for doing such nice work for their kids. I am also pleased to know that pray more such people to come out to take such a noble work.

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    Patience is the main requirement for a teacher who has to teach kids in the primary sections. Without that a teacher will never be a good teacher and true to his professio. Unfortunately many teachers these days don't have this quality. Mainly in government school teachers are just trying to pass the time. Lady teachers will have better patience than the male counterparts. They will become definitely better teachers.
    The teacher mentioned in this thread found to be a true to her profession it appears. Even after coming home also she is utilising her private time for the welfare of the students. Such teachers should be admired and other teachers should follow her.
    Showing kindness on the students and try to bring them up in a positive way will help the down trodden and rural students is really a point which is to be appreciated.

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    Kindness is a great quality in an individual and kind people get a high reputation in the society. To help the needy and poor is the biggest trait a human can have.

    The narration given by the author is very imptessive but such personalities are in a very limited number in the society as most of us are the selfish and self centered lot.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    She is indeed a very rare person, Even far more reassuring is the level of kindness and the affection shown. I can only feel so happy that we still have such people. The workers have no choice but to bank on such people. They do not even understand one word in English. Most of them are not even tenth standard pass people. Their housewives are even worse. Of course, some of them do some small business like running a small provision shop. Knowledge of the local language Tamil is enough to run the business. But their goal to educate their children in good English medium schools is a big plus. They save a lot through local chit funds.

    For such people, some good teachers like the one under reference are the only hope. This is similar to the quality treatment that such people receive in some good Government hospitals.

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